Golden Chariot Train

Launched recently to introduce international tourists to rich culture and heritage of Karnataka, the Golden Chariot is a luxury train. The train during its journey covers many interesting destinations in Karnataka including Bangalore, Kabini, Sharvanbelagola, Badami, Mysore, Hampi, Belur, Goa and Halebid.

Places Covered: Karnataka, Banglore, Kabini,Sharvanbelagola,Badami,Mysore,Hampi,Belur,Goa,Halebid.

Itinerary Details

Day 01 - Monday, Departure 09.00 pm: Your tour on Golden Chariot starts from Bangalore Railway Station. Bangalore is the IT city of India as well as the capital of Karnataka state. This metropolitan city has corporate offices of almost all major IT companies of the world. Professionals wishing to make a career in IT industry come to this city and usually get desired jobs in IT companies. Tourists can find a number of interesting and attractive tourist sites in Bangalore. The climate is usually pleasant most of the year. Your Karnataka tour on Golden Chariot starts on Monday at 9.00 pm. You are served scrumptious dinner on board.

Day 02 - Tuesday, Arrival 1.00 am Departure 10.00 pm:On day two of your Karnataka trip, you arrive at Mysore railway station. At around 8.00 am, you start your journey to Kabini, the abode of wild animals. The main attractions to watch here are Rajiv Gandhi National Park and Nagarhole Wildlife Park. This region was once the hunting ground of royal family of Mysore. The main species that can be spotted by the wildlife lovers in this area include tiger, elephant, leopard, sambar, and wild boar. Around 300 bird species can also be seen here. After enjoying wildlife sights, you return to Golden Chariot.

Day 03 - Wednesday, Arrival 08.30 am Departure 11.00 pm: The third day of your Karnataka trip on Golden Chariot is reserved for Mysore sightseeing. Mysore is a popular tourist destination in Karnataka and has served as the state capital in the past. This city of Tipu Sultan and Haider Ali has a brilliant history of valor and bravery. The main attractions you visit in Mysore are the Mysore Palace and Brindavan Gardens. Mysore Palace, a fine example of Indo Sarcenic architecture, features beautiful carvings and artwork. The Brindavan Gardens, known for charming beauty, boasts of being the shooting location for a number of films. After Mysore sightseeing tour, you return to Golden Chariot and enjoy your dinner on board before going to sleep. The train departs for Hassan at around 11.00 pm.

Day 04 - Thursday, Arrival 08.40 am Departure 07.40 pm: The train reaches Hassan railway station at 8.40 am on day four of your Karnataka tour. At around 9.30 am, you drive to Halebidu, famous for Hoysaleswara Temple. This temple, made in very artistic style, features a star-shaped base. There are lawns all around the temple. At around 1 pm you return to Golden Chariot and have your lunch. At 4 pm, you move to Sravanbelagola, famous for Jain temples and a pilgrimage site for Jain community people. An interesting attraction here is the 58-feet high Lord Gomteswara's monolithic statue. You return to Hassan station at about 7 pm and enjoy your dinner on board. The train leaves the station at 7.40 pm.

Day 05 - Friday, Arrival 05.30 am Departure 08.00 pm:The fifth of your Karnataka trip on Golden Chariot involves exploring the wonderful monuments in Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These monuments were erected during Vijayanagara empire period. This empire was spread in different regions of modern Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Hampi was its capital city. The ruins here are spread in an area of about 26 sq km and include the principal monuments of Royal Center and Sacred Center. Later in the day, you get a chance to visit Anegundi village to experience the traditional lifestyle of people of Karnataka. After exploring all these wonderful sites, you return to train where you are served the dinner. The train leaves the station at 8 pm.

Day 06 - Saturday, Aihole - Pattadakal - Badami:The train arrives at Gadag station at 5.30 in the morning of sixth day of your Karnataka tour. After having breakfast, you start drive to Aihole at 8.30 am. Aihole area has nearly 100 old temples including the Durga Temple, Hutchimalli Temple and the Lad Khan Temple. After watching these temples, you move to the world heritage site of Pattadakal. Dating back to Chalukyan dynasty period, the buildings here demonstrate great architectural skills of the artisans of that period. Your next stop is at Badami where you enjoy your lunch. Then you visit the Badami world heritage site featuring various sculptures of Nataraja in a variety of dance poses. You return to railway station and enjoy your dinner on board. The train leaves the station at around 8 pm for Goa.

Day 07 - Sunday, Goa: The Golden Chariot arrives at Goa station at around 5.30 in the morning of seventh day of your trip. Goa is a popular destination in India, visited by a large number of local as well as international tourists owing to its sandy beaches and picturesque scenery. A visit to this magical land is bound to make you feel delightful and relaxed. Among the most popular activities to enjoy here are relaxing at the beaches, playing water sports, visiting colonial buildings dating from Portuguese era, etc. After having breakfast on board, you move to Mapple Viva. You spend some hours at the Calangute Beach before lunch. In the evening, you return to station to board the train which departs from Goa at around 7 pm.

Day 08 - Bangalore:The Golden Chariot arrives at Bangalore station at 11 am. You receive farewell at the station and return to your home with sweet memories of your wonderful journey of the most popular tourist destinations of Karnataka.

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