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The antiquated name of Bihar was "Vihara" which implies religious community. It is situated in the eastern piece of India. Region shrewd Bihar is the twelfth biggest state and the third most populated state in India. The verdure of this state is improved by the waterway Ganges that courses through Bihar before getting appropriated in Bengal's deltoid zone. Bihar likewise has an immense timberland arrive that covers a zone of 6,764 km2. This state is etymologically strong as well as a few dialects are talked here, similar to the Bhojpuri, Maithili, Magahi, Bajjika and Angika. The capital city of Bihar is Patna which was before called Pataliputra. Bihar became the center of intensity, culture and learning under the best heads of India, especially Samudragupta, part of Chandragupta Maurya, Vikramaditya and Ahsoka. It was likewise home to the two incredible focuses of learning around then, Vikramshila and Nalanda University. Indeed, even today one can locate a few antiquated landmarks all finished Bihar which are a living verification of the state's 3,000 years of age history; these landmarks are visited by a great many voyagers everywhere throughout the world. The Mahabodhi Temple situated in this state has been pronounced as a legacy site by the UNESCO.

Bihar Tourism

Bihar travel and tourism includes countless goals spread in different parts of the state. It is situated in northern India along the eastern Gangetic Plains. Bihar has a huge place in the social history of India for being the origin of Buddhism and Jainism. Sightseers can experience a portion of the best Mughal and Hindu building mastery in this place.

Bihar was the support of a flourishing old progress, an epicenter where a portion of the significant religions of India like Buddhism and Jainism began and Hinduism picked up force. The state draws its name from 'vihara', which means Buddhist religious community since the place in the past was a noteworthy learning focal point of Buddhism.

The artifact of Bihar goes back to somewhere in the range of 6the century BC. This is the place Bhagwan Mahavira was conceived in Vaishali and Lord Buddha achieved 'illumination' under the Bodhi Tree at Bodhgaya. From that point forward the land has seen the ascent and fall of lines like - the Guptas, the Palas and the resulting Muslim rule. The hallowed stream of the Ganges courses through the state part it into two sections. This has rendered the land ripe and ample. Bihar is additionally wealthy in minerals underground contributing essentially to the national riches creation.

Bihar is otherwise called a journey goal. Various Buddhist goals result in a trail of journeys who travel to Bihar in bait of the old vestiges and antiquated religious contents. Many individuals travel to Bihar in light of the blessed locales of the Jains and the Hindus.

An Insight into Bihar Tourism

Places to visit in Bihar

Snap to see Bihar travel map Bihar tourism provides a sort of amalgamation of old human progress, religion, history and culture which can be recognized with India. The state bears declaration of rise and fall of a portion of India's significant traditions - the Mauryas, the Guptas and the Palas. Between fifth to eleventh hundreds of years, the world's soonest college prospered here. Its remaining parts are one of the attractions of Bihar tourism. A portion of the heavenly places of the Buddhist religion are arranged here. Some noteworthy locales of Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism are additionally situated here.

Prestshila Hills :This is one of the primary vacation spots in Bihar. The remnants of Nalanda University go back to fifth Century, and is one of the most established colleges of the nation. Nalanda used to be an imperative place for Buddhist learning with a gauge of in excess of 10,000 priests and also understudies. The college was there until the point that the Muslim intruders stripped it and set the library ablaze. A gauge of more than 9 million original copies were pulverized.

Nalanda University : At a distance of seventy five km from Chennai, sixty eight km from Vellore, sixty five km from Mahabalipuram, 108 km from Tirupati & 127 km from Pondicherry, Kanchipuram or Kanchi is one amongst the foremost far-famed journey sites in Bihar. It is a temple city and also the headquarters of Kanchipuram district. Kanchipuram is one amongst the foremost widespread weekend getaways from Chennai and one amongst the key Places to go to in Tamilnadu.

Bodhi Tree :Bodhi Tree is a huge fascination in Bihar, which is situated at a separation of 100 km from Patna. This tree is renowned on the grounds that Buddha had accomplished illumination under this tree. It has been announced a world legacy site by UNESCO. The Maha Bodhi Temple shows the rich engineering of Indian culture.

Champaran : Champaran is a prominent place in Bihar that has a gigantic significance in the historical backdrop of the flexibility development of India. This was where Mahatma Gandhi took his first endeavor towards organizing of the patriot development in India.

The place is prestigious for the considerable Champaran development which was begun as a challenge against the torments and the abuses of the indigo grower in Bihar and in addition different parts of the nation. This development had a significant enduring impact. Mahatma Gandhi was firm in his endeavors to acquire great days Champaran of Bihar. The British Government was finally constrained to set up a Committee of Inquiry. The panel was depended with the obligation of examination and accommodation of give an account of the states of the agriculturists in Champaran.

Rajgir : Rajgir is a place loaded with sanctuaries and religious communities and it lies around 15 kilometers from Nalanda. It is settled in a valley and along these lines has an extremely excellent encompassing. To add to the excellence of Rajgir, there are green timberlands all around. Prior to the arrangement of the Patliputra, Rajgir was the capital of the Magadh Mahajanpad (State). This locale has for quite some time been identified with Lord Buddha and Buddhism. Buddha passed quite a while of his life at Rajgir.

Rajgir of Bihar is celebrated for the Jain sanctuaries. Ruler Mahavira spent numerous years in Rajgir. It is a standout amongst the most mainstream Jain journey locales in India. The exercises of Buddha were reported at Rajgir. The town likewise filled in as the place for the principal Buddhist Council. At show, Rajgir in Bihar happens to be the most noteworthy focus of journey for the Buddhists. Aside from being a focal point of religion, Rajgir is likewise mainstream as a wellbeing resort. The warm water lakes in Rajgir have some restorative qualities which can fix the dermal issues.

Demographics of Bihar

According to the census of 2011, Bihar was the third most populous state of India with total population of 104,099,452 (54,278,157 male and 49,821,295 female). Almost 89% of Bihar's population lived in rural regions. The density was 1,106. The sex proportion was 918 females for every 1000 guys. Right around 58% of Bihar's population was underneath 25 years age, or, in other words in India. A large portion of Bihar's population has a place with Indo-Aryan talking ethnic gatherings alongside few Dravidian-talking and Austroasiatic-talking individuals for the most part in Chhotanagpur Plateau (now part of Jharkhand). It likewise pulled in Punjabi Hindu outcasts amid the Partition of British India in 1947. Bihar has an aggregate literacy rate of 63.82% (75.7% for guys and 53% for females), recording a development of 20% in female education over the time of 10 years.

At 11.3%, Bihar has the second most minimal urbanization rate in India. As of the 2011 registration, population density outperformed 1,000 for each square kilometer, making Bihar India's most thickly populated state, yet at the same time lower than West Java or Banten of Indonesia.

As indicated by the 2011 enumeration, 82.7% of Bihar's population honed Hinduism, while 16.9% pursued Islam.

How to reach Bihar

How to reach Bihar by Air : Due to being a new state, Bihar air network is weak. Raipur is the only city in Bihar that is connected by air. Raipur air connectivity is connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

How to reach Bihar by Train : It is very easy to travel by rail in Bihar. Bilaspur, Durg and Raipur connect Bihar with almost every major city. The center of the state's rail network is Bilaspur, as it is also the zonal headquarters of the South Eastern Central Railway.

How to reach Bihar by Road : In the past few years, the road network of Bihar has improved greatly. There are several national and state highways, which connect Bihar to other parts of India. Some of the major National Highways passing through Bihar are: National Highway 6, National Highway 43, and National Highway 78. There are 11 national highways in the state.

Best Time to Visit Bihar

Bihar is landlocked states of India. It is also growing in admiration as a gorgeous sightseer spot but not only as India's eco-tourism destination. This holiday attracts tourists for their hard forests, fountains of waterfalls, splendid caves, rich temples, exquisite Buddhist sites, impressive palaces and many others. Bihar in summer is 28°C-38°C in April to June. Bihar in monsoon is 25°C-29°C in July to Sep and Bihar in winter is 19°C-35°C in Jan to March.

Maps of Bihar

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