Andhra Pradesh Travel Guide

Andhra Pradesh (AP) is one among the twenty eight states of Asian country India. It is the fourth largest state in space and fifth largest by population in India. Hyderabad is that the capital city of the state. The state has border cities Chhattisgarh and Orissa (in north), the Bay of Bengal (in east), Tamil Nadu (in South) and Karnataka (in the west).

The state was founded on 1st November 1956 and during that time, the state of was split into three on language basis and the state ranks third among other states of India in its total GDP which is high above $100 billion.

The official language of the state is Telugu but other languages of the adjacent states are also spoken by minority community. The state is renowned for the spiritual societies and many saints are from here.

An Insight into Andhra Pradesh Tourism

Places to visit in Andhra Pradesh

Ramakrishna Beach: It is a well-liked beach perfect for surfing and sunbathes. It is an addition of the Coromandal Coast of India. Its impressive ambiance is a soothing site to the eyes. Visakha Utsav is a famed festival of the state which is celebrated here with great eagerness.

Rishikonda Beach: Come and calm down in the charming atmosphere of Rishikonda branded for its golden yellow sand and winning palm trees. You can also enjoy water skiing, surfing and sunbathing here.

Charminar: Rising to amazing height of 180 ft, Charminar was constructed in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah. The impressive example of architecture structure is decorated with complex carvings and four astonishing minarets.

Golconda Fort: The frightening Golconda Fort is evidence to glorious former era. The fort was constructed in 16th century and is reachable through eight 'darwazas', the major door is Fateh Darwaza, well-known for its sound effects.

Tourism in Andhra Pradesh

The Gorgeous Hill Stations in Andhra Pradesh: Enormously gorgeous and peaceful in their presence, the hill stations of Andhra Pradesh are tranquil and smooth. For those who desire to pay out some unforgettable time, hill stations of Andhra Pradesh comprise the best place.

The Glorious Forts and Palaces of Andhra Pradesh: The structural attractiveness of various forts and palaces of state is unconquerable. There is an example of Golconda Fort, a follower of Nawabi glory and culture, Golconda Fort is just tremendous.

Extraordinary Beaches in Andhra Pradesh: People can always get fascinated with stunning seashore. Spread with influential palm trees, the atmosphere at the beaches is remarkable. Any person can always spend some time of relaxation and isolation on lovely beaches like A. P. Ramakrishna, Mypad, Bheemunipatnam and Rishikonda etc.

How to reach Andhra Pradesh

How to reach Andhra Pradesh by Air : Andhra links globally through the international airport at capital city that is Hyderabad. As well, Tirupati, Vishakhapatnam, Rajahmundry and Vijaywada are the other domestic airports in Andhra Pradesh

How to reach Andhra Pradesh by Train : Andhra Pradesh have about 5,085 kilometer of the railways line covering the whole state and link it to the all cities of the country through which the reaching problem can be easily solve.

How to reach Andhra Pradesh by Road :The state of Andhra Pradesh has good network of roads which gives well connection to other parts of the country. About 4, 104 km of the National Highways network go through the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Best Time to Visit Andhra Pradesh

Summers are very hot in this Andhra Pradesh. The temperature touches as high as 40°C here. It is tough to travel the state during this season. Heavy rainfall with the coming of monsoons provides some relief but it becomes so wet and muddy to take Andhra Pradesh trip. The winters present the finest and pleasing time to all the travelers who wants to travel around Andhra Pradesh.

Maps of Andhra Pradesh

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