Pahalgam Travel Guide

Pahalgam is one of the beautiful cities in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. It’s almost. 2740 meters (8,989 feet) above sea level. Pahalgam is popularly known as 'The Village of Shepherd'. This city is famous for its stunning beauty and therefore attracts many visitors throughout the year. It is also famous as the starting point of the holy Amarnath, which has religious significance for the Hindu community.

Tourism in Pahalgam

Pahalgam is a tourist favorite destination, for family outing and also for honeymooners. The Indian subcontinent's families prefer to take a break from the busy city life, while newly married couples prefer to visit Pahalgam due to the stunning beauty. On Pahalgam, visitors can find accommodation in various affordable hotels in Pahalgam. The Jammu and Kashmir government also strives to ensure the availability of affordable places to stay.

Pahalgam has a high tourist value, because it provides different options for visitors to enjoy without time: mountain trekking, snow skiing and horseback riding. Some of the visitors who love adventures can choose popular places, including hiking in Pahalgam, such as Lidravat, Kolaohoi or Sonamarg. Another option to choose a skiing. Although it is limited to winter months, only visitors can plan their visits at any time from December to February, and enjoy the magic of skiing in Pahalgam. There may be another option to ride. Experience enjoying horseback riding in Pahalgam valley is not another for anyone. This is the main occupation of local residents of Pahalgam.

An Insight into Pahalgam Tourism

Places to visit in Pahalgam

Baisaran Hills The place is known as "Mini Switzerland" because of its long, dark meadows found in Switzerland, there is a clear clearing located just 5 km from Baisaran Pahalgam. The thick pine forest, which gives the presence of green carpet for the glade, gives a different tone on the snow-covered edge of the surrounding mountains. One of the best places to go to Pahalgam, the hill journey is really a pleasure for the senses. Apart from this, Baisaran is an ideal camp for hikers who wants to travel further to Lake Tulian. You have to ride a pony to get there. An unusual track that allows you to enjoy panoramic views of the Lidder Valley.

Mamleshwar Temple With a rich history in the 12th century, Mamleshwar is one of the ancient temples of Pahalgam. This temple is located on the banks of River Lidder, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. One peak in the temple and one Shiva Lingam is enclosed, in which the sparkling is covered with a circled water. A kilometer downstream from Pahalgam, tourists usually visit temples from the city. Apart from this, there is a holy place in the sacred complex which is fully adorned with gold, and was built during the reign of an ancient ruler. The temple, without any doubt, is one of the most attractive tourist destinations to visit Pahalgam.

Avantipur Temple There are many things to offer dedicated travellers in Pahalgam on which o4ne of the best thing to visit and explore is the famous Avantipur temple, which was established by Maharaja Avantivarman, who ruled from 855 to 883 AD. Today, the temple is in ruins, however, it is a site seen by devotees. A wall surrounds the central shrine, which is an ideal point for clicking on the images of this attraction. For the photography lovers, the ruin of the Avantipur is one of the chosen destination in Kashmir.

Pahalgam Golf Course Pahalgam Street offers spectacular views of blue sky on a dense green lawn and snow-covered peaks standing in the background. For golf fans, practicing their favorite sport here is a unique experience. But in the middle of the first Pahalgam Green environment, you can also try golf.

Kolahoi Glacier An incredibly beautiful place, the Kolahoi Glacier is one of the important places in Pahalgam. The only way to reach the Kolahoi Glacier is not for the weak, but through a difficult track. At 18,000 feet, breathtaking views create a memorable experience when you travel. The increase is full of dense green mountain vegetation and clear deer. Thunder Lidder River, there are thick coniferous forests with crazy snow rivulets to frozen masses and also to make memorable travels.

Best time to visit Pahalgam

Pahalgam is a famous tourist destination in the Jammu-Kashmir state. The city attracts too many tourists throughout the year. But the best time to visit Pahalgam is during the Summer season due to the mild climate at that time. Pahalgam also welcomes thousands of tourists in winter and also offers adventure sports activities.

How to Reach Pahalgam

How to reach Sonamarg by Road: From the road, the beautiful cities of Srinagar and Jammu are very well connected to Pahalgam through the buses of State Road Transport Company. Jammu and Kashmir also offers special luxury private buses. Visitors can enjoy a ride on regular buses traveling from Srinagar and Anantnag, and can see the attractive beauty of nearby places such as Panchtarni and Sonnagarga.

How to reach Sonamarg by Train: There is no any railway connection to the Pahalgam but the nearest railway station from there is Udampur which is 217 km away. It is connected with the big major cities of India. Jammu Tawi railway line, about 285 km away, is another station from where visitors can visit this hill station. On arrival you can get cabs or taxi to reach the destination.

How to reach Sonamarg by Air: From the air, there is an airport at Pahalgam hill Station, and the nearest airport is at Shijagarh (Sheikh-ul-Alam Airport), about 90 km from Pahalgam. Due to its good connectivity with the airport, main cities, Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore, Mumbai and Jammu provides tourists hassle-free travel. From the airport, you can rent a private cab or taxi to Pahalgam.

Pahalgam Map

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