Gulmarg Travel Guide

Gulmarg prevalently known as the ‘meadow of flower’ is a lovely hill station in the province of Jammu and Kashmir. This is a glass shaped scene spread over a territory of 3 sq km at a height of 2,730 meters above sea level. The spotted appeal of normal ponder as snow clad mountains, lavish green hills inclines specked with wild blossoms and scenic pastoral make Gulmarg a spirit animating goal.

Amid spring season this place turns into the most sentimental goal on account of the blooming of heaps of brilliant blossoms. Tourists get a sensational perspective of tons of blooming blossoms like buttercups, roses, bluebells, tulips and overlook me-nots. Alongside this Gulmarg is additionally the well known ski goal of the world renowned for skiing and snowboarding. This is likewise Asia's solitary heli-skiing resort.

Tourism in Gulmarg

Khilanmarg It is a little valley known over the globe for its amazing scenic vistas. This place is adorned with thick green timberlands and assortments of beautiful blossoms in the spring. Amid winter season this place turns into the most looked for after goal for skiing. This good country glade is arranged 4 km away and around 600 meter rising from Gulmarg. The scenic beauty and dotted characteristic appeal make this place a problem area for tourists amid their Gulmarg Tour.

Cable Car to Kungdoor This cable car famously known as Gondola lift is among the most interesting attractions of Gulmarg. The lift starts at 2690 meters and achieves Kongdoor at a height of 3090 meters. Amid the ride tourist gets a 10,000 foot perspective of the beautiful surroundings of green hilly landscapes weighed down with pine woodlands. The stunning knowledge of this ride captivate tourists amid their visit to this place.

Alpather Lake This lovely lake is found 13 km from Gulmarg on an elevation of 4, 511 meters above sea level at the foot of Apharwat peaks. It is a triangular shaped lake prestigious for its scenic beauty which grabs tourist's consideration amid their visit to this place. The very much kept up lake side garden elevates the peaceful beauty of this place. This lake stays solidified until June and after that one can see ice mass drifting over the lake surface.

The beauty of nature's quality makes Gulmarg the most looked for after tourist fascination of Jammu Kashmir Tours. Aside from the scenic spell of nature this place is additionally acclaimed for its experience sports exercises like skiing. A portion of the other surely understood tourist attractions of Gulmarg are Maharani Temple, St Mary's Church, Baba Reshi Shrine, Ningle Nallah, Ferozepur Nallah and Lienmarg.

Gulmarg Hill Station is a standout amongst the most looked for after goals of Jammu Kashmir Tours. This place is prestigious over the world for its spotted appeal of snow clad mountains, wild blossoms and scenic pastoral. Scores of tourists incline toward Gulmarg Tour to spend their occasions in the midst of tranquil and scenic ambiances.

An Insight into Gulmarg Tourism

Places to visit in Gulmarg

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is one of the most famous holiday destinations for the natural life to visit Gulmarg for the loved ones which is the home for various types of flora, fauna and avifauna. Biodiversity blooms here in its most extravagant shape. The nursery and the green herbs give a beautiful presence to the whole shelter. It provides ample opportunities to catch the creatures in gorgeous settings.

Rare Musk is the fundamental attraction of wildlife reserve. Different types of creatures including Hangul, Leopard, Brown Bear, Black Beer and Red Fox are also found here. The biosphere catch is also a paradise for the ornithologist. There is a wide population of native and transient winged beings in this area, including Albam Elia, Griffon Vulture, Blue Rock Pigeon Monal, Snow Cocks, Kashmir Roller and Jungle Crow.

Alpather Lake Located approximately 13 km from Gulmarg, Alpadar Lake is one of the attractive places to go and visit in Gulmarg. The flow of the bright water lies on the feet of twin Apharwat Peaks and it is surrounded by some mountain and white glade. The amazing geography and ideal setting for photography has made this goal the most love among nature lovers and photography lovers. Apart from this, this leisure space seems to be as attractive as a horse ride through a well-kept snowy trails with Gulmarg.

Apharwat Peak Gulmarg At almost one height. 4,200 meters above the sea level, one of the most amazing places to go around and around Gulmarg is the Apharwat peak. It is located in the second period of Gondola Link Vehicle Riding from Gulmarg and receiving the summit is subject to climate conditions.

There is a wonderful summit with snow for a long time of the year and snow clad hills for snowboarding and skiing in India is one of the best among people. Another important thing is that the Line of Control (LOC) is just a few kilometers away from this summit.

Strawberry FieldThe most preferred target of Bollywood motion pictures, the peaceful strawberry field is one of the most excellent places to go to Gulmarg. The trekkers can roam with this uninterrupted piece of Gulmarg or take a horse ride. Between summer, new strawberries are drawn and ready to enjoy.

Ningle Nallah and Ferozepur Nallah The couple's mountain streams of Ningle Nallah and Ferozepur Nullah are running through gorgeous green valleys. Hard grounds on the edges of currents have put these attractions in the best places to go out in Gurgaarga and cookouts. Among them, Ferozepur Nullah is likewise an acclaimed holiday destination for trout fishing in Gulmarg.

Best time to visit Gulmarg

Gulmarg loves the most among energetic travelers. The hill station is regularly visited for the courageous open door, which expects guests and beautiful views from around the city. If you are fond of a nature that takes care of the summer, then April, May and June are the greatest months for a trip. In any case, if skiing is the one you are hoping for, December to mid March are set. Gulmarg is otherwise called 'flowering sleep' due to the blooming flowers, which cover the plains of the city and spread it to different hues.

How to Reach Gulmarg

How to reach Gulmarg by Road: Road is ideal way to Gulmarg and it is about 57 km from Srinagar. This hill station has a good maintain of roads and its large availability with Jammu and other neighboring states and popular areas provides an attractive thrill for visitors. Transport and private travelers in the state have special transport handles in particular from Srinagar to Gulmarg. Guests are also comfortable to get a private taxi or taxi contract to get this area.

How to reach Gulmarg by Train: Through the train, the Jammu railway route, which is approximately 290 km away, is the closest railway route to achieve this magnificent hill station. Trains from all the specific states and urban areas of India are exceptionally connected to Jammu. After getting Jammu, people can take transport or taxi to go to Gulmarg.

How to reach Gulmarg by Air: To achieve Gulmarg via Air, the nearest airport is Shake-Ul-Alam International Airport, which is approximately 56 km away from the magnificent target. Airport has an incredible network with India's other big cities and airports which are spread from Delhi, Mumbai and Amritsar without Guests can take transport, taxis or cabs out of the airplane terminal and get their destination.

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