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Har Ki Dun Trek
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Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun 2022 is very popular trekking of Garhwal Himalaya in Uttarakhand. Har... Ki Dun or Har Ki Doon starts from Sankari and takes 6 days to be completed. India Easy Trip Pvt Ltd has the best tour plan/Itinerary for you from Haridwar City, Uttarakhand. 

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Har Ki Dun Trek From Haridwar

Day 1: Haridwar  To Sankri

Meet or driver at Haridwar railroad station and drive for Sankri. Register with the hotel landing in Sankri. Medium-term remains at Sankri.

A short route before Sankri, we will cross the Govind National Park checkpoint and at around 6 at night, the drive will end at Sankri. Subsequent to sprucing up at the visitor house, you will inspire adequate time to investigate the market close by. Trekking basics, pieces of clothing, and types of gear are accessible at the bazaar in Sankri, in the event that you require a minute ago looking for the endeavor ahead.

Day 2: Sankri To Taluka To Puani Garaat (13 Kms Trek)

The morning after breakfast drive to Taluka later trek begins for Puani Garaat. You will have to stay in tents.

Pauni Garaat to Kalkattiyadhar is a separation of 7 km more than 6 hours which we begin in the early morning at 6. 

Day 3: Puani Garaat To Kalkatiyadhaar

Morning, trek begin for Kalkatiyadhaar. 

Day 4: Kalkatiyadhar To Har Ki Dun

The morning after breakfast, the trek start for Har Ki Doon. Explore Har Ki Doon. Medium-term remain in tents.

Day 5: Excursion To Maninda Tal And Back To Har Ki Dun

The morning after breakfast, appreciate Maninda Tal trek from Har Ki Doon. Later trek back to Har Ki Doon. Medium-term remains at tents.

Day 6: Har Ki Dun To Puani Garaat

The morning after breakfast, the trek begins for Puani Garaat. Medium-term remain at tents.

Day 7: Puani Garaat To Taluka To Sankri

The morning after breakfast, trek to Taluka and later come back to Sankri. Medium-term remain at Hotel/visitor house.

Day 8: Sankri To Haridwar

After Check-out from the Hotel & drive for Haridwar

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