Solang Valley

Solang Valley - The Solang Valley is located about 14 km from Manali, where all tourists come to tourists for an adventure tour throughout the year. Tourists especially arrive at this beautiful mountain season during summer vacations and snow falls in winter. This place is perfect for paragliding and quagmire.

There are very few perfect destinations for us to enjoy holidays both in winter and in summer. But in the list of such destinations based in India, Solang de Himachal is named with priority. As tourists enjoy paragliding, the quagmire and nature walks during summer vacations, it is also the best place to enjoy skiing and snowfall in winter. Come, tell us what activities you can enjoy during the adventure tour here in summer.

Things to do in Solang Valley

Paragliding - The Solang Valley is located near the shore of the Beas River on the road to the Rohtang Pass, 14 kilometers from Manali. The name of this place is heard more in the mouth of tourists who like adventure tourism. During paragliding, you can see beautiful views here and you can enjoy this activity fiercely. There are two best paragliding jump stations. One is slightly below, the other is quite tall. That is, if you are going to experience this game for the first time, then there is nothing to fear.

Gondola Cable Car - In the cable car, it is fun to admire the beauty of the valley from a height. And you can experience this happiness in Solang in a very beautiful way. Here, one can travel in the Solang cable car while arriving at the paragliding jump station.

Zorbing - Zorbing is a unique activity. In this, you are enclosed within a transparent globe, from which you can see the outside comfortably and the people outside can see you. In this balloon, they tie it with the help of a belt and then push it slightly towards the flat meadow, which is made from the height towards the slope. This ride has its own fun.

Quad motor - Traveling in an all-terrain vehicle or ATV in Solang is a fun experience. If you are an experienced cyclist, you can choose to enjoy it with a trained driver or even alone. It is usually a three- and four-wheel vehicle. It is very fun to walk in the mountainous area through them.

Camping - If you come on vacation to the mountainous area and you are not going to camp, everything will fade away. It is a pleasure to live in tents in clean fields of green grass. Campfire, live music and delicious dishes are enjoyed during this time.

Solang Valley Map

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