Robber’s cave


(Image: Robber’s cave - Dehradun)

Robber’s cave or GuchhupaniRobber’s cave is situated in Dehradun, capital of Uttarakhand and also known as Guchhupani near of Sahastradhara. This cave is 8 kilometers far from the Dehradun city. It is 600 meters long cave and divided into two main entrances way. Its highest waterfall falls from 10 meter height. There was a wall of fort structured at the middle of Robber’s cave. But nowadays, this wall has been broken. It is natural formation of river inside the Robber’s Cave.

Rivers inside the cave - Rivers flow inside the Robber’s Cave. Now it is become the popular destination for tourist. Often, Many tourist could be seem at Roober’s Cave and they enjoy very much at this place in summer season, there is very hot but coming inside the Robber’s Cave feel good and cold water of river which flows here get relief.

Journey of water walk - Robber’s cave or Guchhupani is very popular; visitors enjoy the water journey, water level below the knees or equal of knees, where this is awesome things to do at Guchhupani. This place is likely to heaven.

Robber Hidden Place - It is said by the local people of this place; at ancient time this Robber’s Cave generally used by the robbers to hide theirselves.So this cave also known as Daku ki Gufa.

Just outside of this cave, tourist can enjoy to sit under the umbrella. Many sits and umbrellas seems there which attracts to tourist a lot.

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