Rishikesh Tour Packages

Rishikesh has fantastic perspective of wilderness clad slopes. Rishikesh has additionally conjunction of River Ganges and Chandrabhaga. The superb fascination of Rishikesh is none other than the colossal stream Ganges herself, running quickly all through the city. In the old time and still such a large number of yogis, rishis, sages and sannyasis pulled in to Rishikesh to rehearse yoga in this tranquil area. From that point forward, Rishikesh has known as a residence sages. Rishikesh is a sacred town with such a significant number of Ashrams and it is well known for the yoga around the world. Rishikesh is currently world popular as a Yoga Capital of the world. Consistently amid the March month multi week long International yoga celebration is facilitated by Rishikesh.

Aside from spirituality now Rishikesh Tourism is additionally center point for the adventurous exercises, for example, boating, outdoors, trekking and bungee bouncing. Rishikesh is brimming with traveler inevitably. There are additionally enormous ashrams, communities for Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic Massage and soothsaying are here. Rishikesh is otherwise called the wilderness boating capital of India.

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