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Only 15 km Rajgir old heritage and temples are found from Nalgand. This is a standout between the most well-known destinations in India. Being situated in the valley, Rajgir is an exceptionally beautiful place. The crisp town of the small hills is safe with the gorgeous green forest that connects to the splendor of the place. Prior to the formation of Patliputra, Rajgir was the capital of Magadha Mahajanapad (state) and in those days it was called the Rajgrih. This place is related to Lord Buddha and Buddhism. Buddha spent many years in Rajgir as well as spent the lessons given here and converted sovereign Bimbisar on the Griddhakoota hill. Jivakarmavan religious monument was the favorite place of Buddha. Indeed, even Bimbisar had given the Buddha the Venvuvan Vihar to arrange for his living arrangements. It is said that it was in Rajgir that the Vaidya used to treat Buddha, Jivak after being harmed by his cousin Devdatta. The lessons of Buddha were written in Rajgir and it was also visible for the additional Buddhist council. Today Rajgir has come as a standout between the most important journeys for Buddhism. Rajgir has some very dear Hindu and Jain temples who pull Hindus and Jains on an additional place. Not as a place for love, Rajgir came in the form of welfare and winter resort with its hot water streams. These lakes have some therapeutic properties that help in the recovery of many skin diseases. An additional attraction of Rajgir is the Ropway, which takes you to the peace stupa and the monasteries which are built by Japanese devotees on the Ratnagiri hills.

Tourism in Rajgir

Rajgir Tourism possesses large amounts of monuments and spots that can enhance the explorer's information and encounters and can excite anyone. The significant attractions includes Ajatshatru Fort, Jivakameavan Gardens and Swarna Bhandar. A prime feature of Rajgir the travel industry is Brahmakund. Brahmakund is the broadly realized the hot water springs with eminent healing properties and attracts huge number of visitors. Jains and Buddhists have an incredible love for the city as their religious masters, specifically Gautam Buddha and Mahavir, spent a huge piece of their lives in the city. Rajgir signifies "rajagriha", "place of ruler". It uncovers a great deal about the narrative of Emperor Jarasandha and his war with the Pandavas. Rajgir additionally eye-witnessed the trip of Gautam Buddha and Lord Mahaveer. Rajgir the travel industry is an inventory of critical occasions in the improvement of Buddhism and Jainism. The Saptaparni Cave of Rajgir were the scene for first Buddhist Council ever held. The development and popularity of Buddhism helped Rajgir turn into the visitor’s point of Buddhist exercises. Rajgir Tourism is a vital piece of whole Buddhist Tourist Circuit and is associated with other Buddhist pilgrims goals. Rajgir city is ten kilometers from Nalanda, another Buddhist Pilgrimage destination.

An Insight into Rajgir Tourism

Places to Visit in Rajgir

Ajatshatru Fort During the time of Gautam Buddha in 6th Century, Ajatshatru Fort was employed by Magadha Raja, Ajatshatru. There is a stupa in the fort, which is also known by the Ajatshatru stupa, spread more than 6.5 square meters. The architecture of fort is simply awesome. Especially the high walls and stone peaks are attracted by their huge size. It is said that Lord Buddha lived here during its construction.

Vishwa Shanti Stupa World Peace Stupa is a leading Buddhist pioneer site. This is sited on the Ratnagiri hill. It is a white delight in performing four periods of Buddha's life through four magnificent statues of Lord Buddha. The Peace Pagoda was used in 1969 by a Japanese Buddhist priest Nipponzon Myohoji. This stupa is the highest peace pagoda in the world and is considered as the image of harmony and beauty.

Venu Vana Venu Vana is a bamboo forest, which was brilliant gift of Magadha Raja Bimbisara for Lord Buddha, 2500 years ago and it is considered as Buddha's favorite place during the stay there. There is a major lake between Venu Vana. It is said that Lord Buddha used to clean up this lake before starting his day in Rajgir. The lake enhances the forest beauty. The harmony and peace of place is the principle attraction for pilgrimage tourers.

Hot Springs Hot springs are in full swing in Rajgir. Each of them is seen as a holy place for Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Hot springs are additionally known for its therapeutic properties. Saptarni Cave is considered to be the most sacred place in the wells of hot spring. The hottest Hot Spring in Rajgir is Brahmakund with 45 degree Celsius.

How to reach Rajgir

How to reach Rajgir by Air: The nearest airport is on Patna at 104 km away and Bodh Gaya at 72 km away. After arrival in Patna or Bodh Gaya, you can take cabs or by the train, you can reach Rajgir.

How to reach Rajgir by Train : Rajgir has its own railway station, on which regular rails scheduled on daily routine on arrival from Delhi, Kolkata, Patna and other major railway station.

How to reach Rajgir by Road : There are transportation administration trips to Rajgir from every important city and town in India. BSTDC operated air conditioned Bus from Patna and Bodh Gaya to Rajgir all the time. Taxi and cabs are also accessible from all important areas.

Best time to visit Rajgir

October to March is the best time to visit Rajgir because the climate is very lovely at that time. Rajgir Mahotsav is the most important festival and it is celebrated every year during the month of October and joins the traditional exhibition and step of Indian music.

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