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The Purana Qila fort is 18 meters high and have three arched entrances in the fort: the big door in the west, Humayun gate in the south and the divorcee gate. The large door is used today even today. While the South Gate was built by Humayun, perhaps that is why it is known as Humayun Gate, as well as the Humayun's Tomb from the South Gate.

All the gates of the fort are built with huge stones and two towers have been built on both sides of the fort. All the gates of the fort were also punished with famous artifacts of that time. Along with this, the fort's balcony, windows and umbrellas are decorated on the basis of Rajasthani art. The depiction of such art is also seen in the Mughal Empire.

The old fort is an interesting tourist spot in Delhi. Along with the historical building, it is also presently the center of attraction for Delhi's people.

History of Purana Qila

It is believed that even when Sher Shah Suri died in 1545, its construction work was incomplete and for this reason it was later completed by his son, Islam Shah. But even today, strong information about who made some parts of this fort is not available.

During the rule of Humayun, this fort was used as the internal fortress of the city of Penh, Humayun had repaired it in 1533 and its construction was completed after five years.

In 1540, Sher Shah Suri, the founder of the Suri Empire, defeated Humayun and the fort was named Shergarh, and there were many more things in the complex of the fort. The old fort and the places developed in its vicinity are also called "the sixth city of Delhi."

When Edwin Lutyens was composing the new capital of British India in 1920, New Delhi, he centralized the old fort with Rajpath only. After this, along with Humayun's Tomb at the time of partition in August 1947, the old fort was also a place of refuge.

In 1970, old fort walls were used as theater background, in which the National School of Drama started producing. Many dramas like Tughlaq, Aadha Euga and Sultan Razia were produced here, which were directed by Abraham Alakaji.

At present, in the old fort every evening, the sound and light are displayed after sunset, which also comes to see thousands of people and take advantage of it.

How to Reach Purana Qila

The closest or nearest metro station from Purana Qila is Pragati Maidan Metro, arranged on the blue line. The post is around 2 kms from the metro; you can either enlist a nearby or a auto rickshaw.

Time to visit Purana Qila

You can visit Purana Qila or Old Fort by the time duration of 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM everyday.

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Things to See in Purana Qila

Qila-e-Kuhna Mosque at Purana Qila A wonderful version of Indo-Islamic compositional style, the mosque was worked by Sher Shah in 1541. The single domed mosque has pointed curves in the state of horseshoe seen broadly in the five entryways. Fundamentally called the 'Jami Mosque', the altar was worked for Friday supplications for the ruler himself and his prostitutes. The rectangular petition corridor has five curves or supplication specialties (mihrabs) set in the Western dividers the course of Kaaba. The insides have been recorded on the colorful, white and slatey marbles. At some point in the past the yard additionally has a water tank for Wuzu reason.

Sher Mandal at Purana Qila The twofold storeyed octagonal building worked in red stone with a Chhatri on the best. Sher Mandal was built with the reason for delight chambers for the lord. He utilized it to peruse and rest and appreciate the perspective of the city underneath from the highest point of the pinnacle. It is trusted that the building was expected to be assembled higher and utilized as an observatory, yet because of the awkward demise of the lord, the development was canceled.

Archeological Museum at Purana Qila The historical center at Purana Qila houses the numerous examples exhumed from the post site by the Archeological Survey of India. The various antiquities and discoveries of 1954-55 and 1969-73 by the paleontologist B. B. Lal, are shown here. The shows incorporate painted greyware going back to 1500 BC, different stoneware and items from the antiquated realms of Kushana, Rajputs, Delhi Sultanate and the Mughals.

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