Places to visit in Jodhpur

No visitor in Jodhpur can possibly miss, this is own invincibility of Jodhpur. The splendor of many palaces and forts, who like the whole city, give a breeze of royalty and give the city a character. A panoramic view of the city, it may seem to be an enchanting oasis in the middle of the desert. Bliss on many architectures within the city, contributes to this result i.e. one of the best visited tourist destination in India. It is intriguing to remember that individuals started to paint their homes blue because they believed that it could do the task of repellent of mosquitoes. The authenticity of the story is a matter of great discussion.

The best way to see the view of Jodhpur is to visit the Mehrangarh fort which is magnificent. It is actually a structure within the city that dominates the entire city line. Known for being impenetrable, the fort is big enough to scare any powerful enemy. The presence of galleries, temples and palaces within the temple gives real enjoyment to visit it. In recent times, some parts of the fort were transformed into the museum for tourists. Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur is another spectacular specimen of architecture. It is also the last royal structure, popularly known as the largest personal residence on Earth in the world.

From the glorious era of the past, Jaswant Thada is an important attraction for tourists. A royal cenotaph, it was extended in memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh. Made of white marble, the structure is striking, and the artistry of the then mesmerized the artistry. Like most popular tourist destinations within the nation, Jodhpur also offers an excellent shopping experience. Although there are no malls like metros in the city, but Jodhpur offers a world of things to shop. Since the many time, were known for their extraordinary abilities. While Jodhpuri Suite and Jodhpur's breeching are the most typical things you can find here, a universe of second hand craft is also available here.

Tourist Destinations in Jodhpur

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