Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

Everyone loves to walk in the mountains. The beautiful and peaceful beauty here is very amazing. Kinnaur is a wonderful place located in these mountains. Where the sky touches mountains, rivers, waterfalls, everything here seems exciting. This beautiful place is also called the Land of the Gods. So let's go to this amazing place.

Kinnaurm - Kinnaur is also called the land of the gods. A wonderful confluence of both Hinduism and Buddhism is seen in the land of Kinnaur. The people of Hinduism come here to have the darshan of Lord Shiva. There are also many stories about Pandavas here. Apart from this, many ancient monasteries and temples of Buddhism are built here.

Nako - Nako is the main town of Kinnaur, famous for its lake. The water of this lake freezes in the winter season. In addition to that you can enjoy skating.

Narkanda and Sangla - There are many picturesque places around Kinnaur, whose visit you will remember. One of them is Narkanda, whose natural beauty and lovely view will be highly appreciated by tourists. Sangla is the most beautiful place in Kinnaur nearby. A trip to Kinnaur is incomplete without visiting here. There are places of interest in Sangla, such as the Bering Nag and the Buddhist monastery.

Sarahan - Sarahan is Kinnaur's highest point of view. Here the Shrikhand Mahadev mountain range is very famous among tourists.

Malana - Malana is one of the most beautiful villages in Himachal. There are many stories related to this town. There are some people who live in this town on the Parvati River, who have owned this house for years. The most interesting anecdote associated with this town is that people here consider themselves descendants of Alejandro. This town is known for its tradition and its strict rules. This town has a temple of the wise Jamadagni, which is seen as a very sacred place.

Chitkul - When you go to this town near the border between Indochina, you will feel like a paradise. This is the reason why people who visit this town once, their heart wants to go here again and again. The clean environment and the cool breeze here is quite relaxing. After moving here, your heart will not return.

Shoja - Shoja is a very quiet and beautiful place, where the natural landscape will fascinate you. It is located in the Seraj Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Five kilometers from the Jalori Pass, this town is located at an altitude of about 2368 meters from the beach. Seeing the unique beauty of the Himalayas from here, all your weariness will disappear. There are many good places to visit here. In addition to this, you can also enjoy traditional Himachal food here.

Chandratal - Looking at the beauty of Chandratal, you will feel that you are part of a wallpaper yourself. Staying in a tent at night feels like I'm sleeping in Himachal's lap. After this, it is worth seeing the morning view. To get here you have to go through Kaza and Kunjum. Be aware if you are driving, then take the expert driver, because there are many dangerous roads on the road.

Tourist Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

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