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Located in a picturesque location, 78 km from Gangtok, Namchi offers an unmatched reading and colorful valley of Khangchendzonga which is South District headquarter translating into 'Top of the sky' has become rapidly growing tourist’s destination. Here you will also go to the Sherwood Chilling Monastery and the Cluster Choosing Dish. About 2 kilometer from Namchi is the Nagadak Math recently, which is currently being restored. Located just a hill from Ngadak monastery, the very attractive Rock Garden, which is full of rare flowers and plants and offers conjointly breathtaking stunning views.

Namchi hosts tourism, culture and food festivals, a very popular Namchi festival once in October. There is also a flower competition annual control.

Tourism in Namchi

The 135-feet statue of Guru Padmasambhava is present in Samudrapatse near Namchi near 75 km from Gangtok. Samdruptse means 'desire to fulfill the hill' within Bhutia language. The 135-feet high statue of Guru Padmasambhava has been placed on a unique, fearful and skyscrapers. It is the best sculpture of the Guru Padmasambhava within the world. His quality was arranged by the Dalai Lama in October 1997 in the Museum of Sculpture Museum. It takes about 3 years to finish the sculpture.

Apart from it, there is also a Namak rock garden between Namchi city and Samdruptse. This extensive garden has many attractive plants, flowers and tree species. Variety of waiting sheds, points on its pavement and water bodies. A clean and clean restaurant offers well-served to tourists and guests.Namchi (which means 'sky high') is found at a height of 5,500 feet and is the capital of the southern district of Sikkim. While you can come back directly from NJP (90 km) or Bagdogra (9 6 km), many add a trip to Gangtok along with the namesake.

During meeting with Gangtok, you will pass through a 21 km stretch of remarkable Tee Tea Plant which is the only garden of Sikkim which produces the best quality of tea. You will need to talk to 21 hairpin tilt while crossing the garden. You can stop halfway in Singchuthang which can be a beautiful piece of land on the banks of the Rangeet River. Another picturesque location on Gangtok is Mars, in which 3 rivers are passing - Teesta, Cipla and Rangpo touches. The beautiful thing about Mars is shown within Nepalese film 'Sano' and since then this place is also known as Sanota.

Many come directly from NJP or Baggago through the fair. This trip is extra beautiful enough and you face the Kitam Bird Sanctuary on the way. Namchi one day trip from Darjeeling is popularly popular as well.

An Insight into Namchi Tourism

Places to Visit in Namchi

Ralang Monastery Ralang Monastery is known as the most sacred Monastery of Sikkim and it is said that work has been done to honor the fourth Ghogyal Tibet's journey. The monastery is home to more than a hundred priests and apart from this beautiful house of artifacts is also known for. The annual celebration, Pong Lhabsol, is appreciated here and the religious community is more vivid than it is because the festival is to be understood. The monastery is indeed the truly of Buddhist culture and a complete need for traveling to face the passage of life.

Guru Padmasambhava Statue, Samdrupste Hill In the Bhutia dialect, the word Samdrupste means "wish fulfilling hill". This place is the home of the region of Guru Padmasambh, for which the city is famed. In addition to being a piece of history, the idol is externally amazing and inside the premises, exhibits unusual pictures and curiosity from the historical background of India. Most of the idols are visited and most famous places to visit in the zone. Viewed as a holy and devout place, this place is a must visit for everyone.

Solophok Chardham One of Sikkim's most sacred places, the statue of Lord Shiva is 87 feet long. The idol is surrounded by copies of twelve jyotirlingas and - (four)Char dham yatras that lies in India. There are various temples in the temple complex and there is also a beautiful fountain. The temple is arranged on the Solophok hill, from where its name is derived. In the same way there are various types of social practices and classes for which the place is widely and universally acclaimed.

Ngadak Monastery The importance of the word Ngadak is a promise. Chogyal Gyurmed built under the rule of Namgyal, the petition banners welcome the traveller while entering the premises. The religious community was harmed halfway through the seismic earthquake, yet it is being rebuilt. Religious community is considered an incredible matter of Sikkim's old town.

Tendong Hill The significance of Tendong shows "the unpraised horn". Hills are known to be the natural liberator of the city of Namchi from the flood. The Tendong hill is thus deliberated to be blessed and people tranquil implore to the hill to retain away from disasters.

Doling Gompa Doling Gompa belongs to the Nyingmapa group of Buddhism and is considered to be the most established organization of religion. Gompa is arranged inside cardamom garden which makes it an incredible place to see the surprisingly diverse vegetation present here.

Sikkim has won "the most imaginative and a unique tourism award" for the execution and development of travel in Solophok - Namchi, in 2010 and for the travel industry complex of Siddheshwar Dham. Continuously Namchi city offering one each the big deal in February, a flower indicates that the city is considered to be the largest in the whole state. This city is not only a social focus but on the other hand, the holiday destinations and the other, A great deal of tourist attractions and festivals that cannot be missed at any cost!

How to reach Namchi

How to reach Namchi by Air: Nearest airport will be Bagdogra Airport which is about 125 kilometers from Luchung, if you want to reach Namchi by flights. It is a major airport which is well connected and it is India's most urban cities with regular scheduled flights. On reaching the airport, you can rent a cab or a private vehicle to reach Namchi.

How to reach Namchi by Train : New Jalpaiguri is the nearest railway station of Namchi. New Jalpaiguri from Namchi is about 120 km. You can easily take a train in New Jalpaiguri, and on arrival, you can take a shared jeep to rent cabs. New Jalpaiguri is a major railway junction which is well connected to many cities across India.

How to reach Namchi by Road : The place is well connected with roadways so that taxis and jeeps are easily available for traveling from different places of the state. Gangtok (103 km), Darjeeling (169 km), Bagdogra(194 km), Jalpaiguri (231 km) and Namchi (51 km) are well connected to the city through scheduled buses.

Best time to visit Namchi

The best time to go to Namchi is throughout the whole year because this city is surrounded by mountains and you can get a pleasant atmosphere. The best season to go to Namchi is from October to June because the temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius to 16 degrees Celsius. Winter is chilly, which is set from October to February.

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