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Facts and History of Nagina Masjid

The Nagina Mosque or Gem Masjid contains unmarked white marble and was made for personal use of the ruler. Built on the time duration of 1631 - 1640 in the north-western corner of the mosque, it is a marble-ridden court which is surrounded by walls towards north, south and east and there is a petition room in the west. The petition room is similarly made of marble and has three arches. The mosque has a three-curved dome and is placed on its thin dock as its route. The curve in the center is bigger and has nine cusps and ones on the either sides have seven cusps as it were.

Pointing towards Holy Kaba, the mihrab has been arranged on the western mass of the petition room. Curves has an estimated anticipated balcony on three sides. The special element of the mosque which separates it from different structures of forts is above the curves. Similarly, in the curve in charge, a twist can be found in the foreground, for example, which gives the central part extra importance in the foreground. Known as the churidar, this component is especially common for this mosque. Three bulbous arches are represented by renovated lotus and petals and the focal length is larger than the other two.

How to Reach Nagina Masjid

Agra is around 200 kilometers (125 miles) south of Delhi, in the territory of Uttar Pradesh. It's a piece of India's well known Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit but on the other hand is commonly visited on multi day trip from Delhi.

Agra Fort is very well connected by road from other major cities like Delhi, Jaipur and Lucknow. Nagina masjid is a part of Agra Fort inside, which can be reached from Delhi by roughly 230 km from the Yamuna Expressway – a six-lane roadway you can use to achieve Agra from Delhi in around 3 hours.

Nagina Masjid is about 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) west of the Taj Mahal, close by the Yamuna River.

Best Time to visit Nagina Masjid

Nagina Masjid is open all day from dawn until dusk i.e 7 AM to 5 PM. The best time to go is from November to February, when the climate is dry and not very hot.

Nagina Masjid Location

Architecture of Nagina Masjid

Nagina Masjid, a building roof in Agra Fort. This Masjid is known as Moti Masjid. This Masjid is made of unbroken white marble and surprisingly employs the petition's chamber.

Nagina Masjid is a very basic design and a magnificent decoration. The Masjid is divided into three narrow by the columns directly under the sharp turns of the top. The curve in the middle is more and it consists of 9 cubes, once it is collision it contains seven coupes. The Masjid expands 10.21 meters and is 7.39 meters below, which faces a line porch. On the north side of the Masjid, the Hathi pole is a gallery showing the surroundings that lies towards the road.

This delightful structure was made for women of the royal family. This private Masjid has three great vaults and unusual attractions of magnificent curves. A prosperous market known as Meena Bazaar, from which royal women could buy things remaining in the gallery of Nagina Masjid, was not going away from there.

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