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Munnar is a town and hill station situated in the Idukki locale of the southwestern Indian territory of Kerala. Munnar is arranged at around 1,600 meters (5,200 ft) above mean ocean level, in the Western Ghats Mountain run. Munnar is likewise called the "Kashmir of South India" and is a prevalent special first night destination. The convention that Col Arthur Wellesley, later to be the Duke of Wellington, driving a British separation from Vandiperiyar to Bodinayakanur, at that point over the High Range and into the Coimbatore fields to cut off Tippu Sultan's withdraw from Travancore, was the principal Englishman in the High Range seems, by all accounts, to be gave a false representation of by the dates included. On the off chance that the story is twelve years too soon for Wellesley, it is very conceivable that some other officer in General Meadow's Army may have had that refinement. Lamentably, no record of that spearheading mountain crossing has been followed.

Tourism in Munnar

They lost men to no less than one elephant charge, experienced desolation siphon nibbles and once ran so shy of sustenance that a deer rundown and being devoured by wild puppies was nourishment for the gathering and their wilderness guides. The consequent report by Ward and Connor was to prompt the Periyar Dam venture, finished just in the 1890s,but for the present they were more pre possessed getting into the mountains that they could see transcending out there from Bodi. At that point, on 14 October 1817, "the climate having enhanced the rising into the High Range started". Their first real camp was at a level projection at 6000 feet. What's more, this was ever a short time later to be known as Top Station. Moving north, they saw to their south the Cardamom Hills, a slant 45 miles in length and 30 wide from the statures above Bodi extending into Travancore. To their north there had all the earmarks of being prairies on high shake crests. What's more, before them, "a remarkable mountain, formed like an elephant's head". On 8 November, they built up camp at the juncture of three waterways, which they made a decision to be the focal point of the locale, and from Munnar ("Moonar – three streams), as it came to be known, they studied the territory, found the old town of Neramangalam in remains however inferred that it may well have been from here that ivory and peacock quills, pepper and cardamom, sandalwood and other timber went to the grounds toward the West over the Arabian Sea".

An Insight into Munnar Tourism

Places to visit in Munnar

Eravikulam national park :- Eravikulam National Park is a 97 km2 national park situated along the Western Ghats in the Idukki locale of Kerala in India. Arranged somewhere in the range of 10º05'N and 10º20' north, and 77º0' and 77º10' east, (See:map.) it is the primary national park in Kerala.

Eravikulam National Park is controlled by the Kerala Department of Forests and Wildlife, Munnar Wildlife Division, which additionally runs the close-by Mathikettan Shola National Park, Anamudi Shola National Park, Pambadum Shola National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and the Kurinjimala Sanctuary. Eravikulam National Park is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.[2]Prior to 1971, the territory was overseen as an amusement safeguard by the Kanan Devan Hills Produce Company. The legislature of Kerala continued control in 1971 (Kannan Devan Hill Produce (Resumption of grounds) Act, 1971), and proclaimed the Eravikulam-Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary in 1975 to secure the natural surroundings of the jeopardized Nilgiri tahr. It turned into a National Park in 1978.

Anamudi :- Anamudi is a mountain situated in the Indian province of Kerala. It is the most noteworthy crest in the Western Ghats and South India, at a rise of 2,695 meters (8,842 ft) and a topographic unmistakable quality of 2,479 meters (8,133 ft). It lies on the fringe of Devikulam Taluk, Idukki area and Kothamangalam Taluk, Ernakulam district. The name Anamudi truly means "elephant's brow," a reference to the likeness of the mountain to an elephant's head. The main recorded rising of Anamudi was by General Douglas Hamilton of the Madras Army on May 4, 1862, yet all things considered, there had been prior climbs by nearby individuals. Anamudi crest is one of just three ultra conspicuous tops in South India. It is likewise the top with the best topographic segregation inside India.It is the most elevated point in India south of Himalayas. In this way it is known as "Everest of South India".The Anamudi Peak, which stands tall in the Eravikulam National Park, is the pride of Kerala. It is the most astounding mountain crest in India outside the incomparable Himalayan Mountain Ranges, stacked with rich verdure. It is likewise a home to the biggest enduring populaces of Asian Elephants, imperiled Gaurs, intriguing Nilgiri Langurs, and lion followed macaque. The Anamudi Peak is a heaven in the wild, which is secured with evergreen timberlands with some exceptionally wonderful streams streaming inside the wilderness. Visitors take a trek to the highest point of the mountain and appreciate seeing excellent waterways streaming into the east like Vaigai and Thamirabarani, and the Periyar River.

How to reach Munnar

How to reach Munnar by Air: Munnar does not have its very own airport. The closest airport is the Cochin International Airport, which is 110 kilometers away by road. From Cochin, you can enlist a taxi to get to Munnar. The Madurai International Airport is 140 kilometers from Munnar. On the off chance that you de-board at the Madurai International Airport, you can employ a taxi or board the state transport or private transports to get to Munnar.

How to reach Munnar by Train : The closest railroad station from Munnar is at Aluva, which is at a separation of 110 kilometers from Munnar. The Ernakulam Railway Station is 130 kilometers away while the Madurai Railway Station is at a separation of 135 kilometers. From these focuses, you can either contract a taxi or board the state transport or private transports wherever accessible.

How to reach Munnar by Road : State-run or private transports, handling from different towns in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, are the most ideal approach to get to Munnar by street. Kerala State Road Transport Corporation gives transport administrations to Munnar from every significant city in Kerala.

Best time to visit Munnar

The monsoon season June to September is an incredible time to visit the hill station in case you're searching for a relaxing and peaceful getaway in Munnar. Despite the fact, that numerous travelers ignore Munnar amid the monsoon but this is the most sufficient time to visit there. Secured with lavish green verdure, monsoon in Munnar have their very own appeal.

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