Mathura Fort

Mathura Fort - Mathura Fort or Kans Qila is located the bank of river Yamuna in Mathura city in Uttar Pradesh but now, It has been desolated and ruined. An ancient time of lord Krishna, It was the residence palace of Kans Mama of lord Krishna. This fort occupied huge space where it is situated with long height of its walls. It was rebuilt at the time of King Mansingh in 16th century and letter, King Sawai Jai Singh built Observatory for the study of planetary constellations. Architecture of this fort is a example of mix artistry of Hindus and Muslims. Palace was decorated in ultimate style.

Long walls of Kans Qila - The long height of walls of fort protect to the Matura City from the water of River Yamuna. It is said that if there were no which big and strong walls, might be caused of flood.

The underground routes - There were few underground routes to reach River Yamuna from the kans Qila and It is believed that family of Kans and he went to River Yamuna by this way.

Kans Mama - kans was very tyrant ruler. His sister name was Devaki, who birth to lard Krishna. Everyone known, It was said that Devaki’s son could kill to Kans and he panicked much and captive his sister and sister’s husband Vasudeva. He killed all seven kids of Devaki but he failed to kill her eighth son (Lord Krishna).

Mathura Fort Map

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