Marina Beach Chennai

Marina Beach chennai

(Image: Marina Beach in Chennai)

Overview of Marina Beach

Marina Beach, Chennai is the natural edge of the ocean made in the city. It starts from Fort St. George in the north and goes to the Farshore Estate in the south. It is spread over six kilometers, making it the country's longest natural city center. And this place is historic for many reasons. In the year 1884, there was a promenade. In the year 1909, the country's first aquarium was made. Following the independence, the Tribune of Labor and Gandhi's 'Dandi Yatra' statue was erected here.

Things of Attractions in Marina Beach

Among them are the Avaiyar, Thiruvalluvar, Kambar, Subramania Bhartiar, Bharadithan. Annadurai's Memorial was built here in 1970 and became a memorial of MGR in 1988. This was followed by the memorial of Kamaraj and Shivaji Ganesan and recently the funeral of Jayalalitha was performed here. His memorial can be built here sometime. And now after the permission of the funeral of Karunanidhi, the demand for making Memorial at Marina Beach can also be raised. Marina Beach is one of the favorite tourist destinations for Chennai. Here people visit Memorial and Statues, Morning Walk, Joggers Track, Lover's Spot, Aquarium. There are also two swimming pools, one of which is the Anna Swimming Pool.

Popularity is higher as its length:

1. Last land for famous Tamil politicians

DMK founder Annadurai was also buried here. Apart from this, AIADMK founder MG Ramachandran and former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha was also buried here. Like Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi has also been associated with the Dravid movement. Leaders associated with the Dravid Movement do not make casteist titles with names against the common Hindu tradition. So they are buried.

2. Making the coast of Chennai such as Marina Beach

Many interesting things have been mentioned in the blog 'The Marina', by the historian V. Shriram of Chennai. According to his blog, this coast is known as Marina Beach since the 19th century. In 1881 Sir Mount Alturst Elphinston, who was the then Governor, was very fond of going and going in the middle. He made it beautiful during his tenure and also made many constructions on its shores. Later this name was named Marina. It is an Italian word, which means a corner of water.

3. There are several historic buildings

Most people think that this is just a beach. but it's not like that. The Aquarium and Ice House located on Marina Beach are the center of attraction. The 224-year-old Chepak Palace is also the same. It was the official residence of the Nawab of Arcot from 1768 to 1855. It was built in the Indo-Sarcenic style of architecture. Senate House, PWD Office, Presidency College and Chennai University are located on the edge of the center.

4. Statue of great celebrities

Statue depicting the triumph of labor and the statue of Mahatma Gandhi is here. Apart from this, statues of many veterans including Swami Vivekananda, Dr. Annie Besant, Sir Thomas Monroe, Subramania Bhartiar, MG Ramachandran, Shivaji Ganesan, Kannagi Vermaar have been installed.

5. Meeting of Independence fighters

This beach is known not only for removing stress and enjoying the beauty here, but also for important meetings. Freedom fighters used to hold meetings mostly on the banks of Marina Beach. Apart from this, many politicians liked to come here and enjoy its beauty. Apart from the government, NGOs have played a vital role in making this a beautiful one.

How to reach Marina Beach

Marina Beach runs from Fort St. George to Basant City. You can hire a cab through the roadways to reach Marina Beach. A landmark near the Marina Beach is the Chennai City Center. So make safe travel and keep an extraordinary time in Chennai.

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