Malana Village

Malana Village - Malana village is an ancient village is located in Himachal Pradesh in India at the northeast of Kullu valley. This village surrounded by mountains of Deotibba hill and Chandrakhani hills in Parvati valley and located on the bank of River Malana.

There is many untold story about the Malana Village’s mysteries no such mysteries stories on other place. So it is a more attraction place. People of outsides come at this place strictly not allowed to touch the things like temple and cultural things. They live and cook food in their traditional style.

Saint Jamblu (Jamlu) - There was lived saint Jamblu in ancient time. Rules and regulation was created by saint Jamblu in the Malana village. Democracy of this village is the oldest in the world. It is said that Saint Jamlu worshipped just like Arya.

Jamblu Devta - People of Malana village worship to Jamblu Devta. People vote to who are selected by Jamblu Devta and it is believed that Jamblu Devta either comes in spokes body. So that people understand their spokesperson’s decision.

Malana village is popular for its cultural medicine uses. There is no fancy style Hotel or five star hotels. People of this village have great faith on their cultural and traditional. Mughal Emperor Akbar came to here for treatment and after fine in heath return and offered to this village tax free. This village has lots of mysteries hidden which is the main reason of attraction.

Malana Village Map

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