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The history of Madikeri is identified with the historical backdrop of Kodagu. From the second to the sixth century AD, the northern piece of Kodagu was administered by Kadambas. The southern piece of Kodagu was administered by Gangas from the fourth to the eleventh century. In the wake of vanquishing the Gangas in the eleventh century, Cholas turned into the leaders of Kodagu. In the twelfth century, the Cholas lost Kodagu to the Hoysalas. Kodagu tumbled to the Vijayanagar rulers in the fourteenth century. After their fall, the nearby chieftains like Karnambahu (Palegars) began administering their territories specifically. They were vanquished by Haleri Dynasty organizer Veeraraju, (Nephew of Ikkeri Sadashiva Nayaka who were relatives of Talakadu Ganga Dynasty),. In the year 1700AD Ikkeri Somashekara Nayaka talented Puttur and Amara Sullia Magnes of Tulunadu to Haleri Kings. Relatives of Veeraraju who are known as "Haleri Dynasty" ruled Kodagu from 1600-1834 AD. Haleri lord Mudduraja fabricated the Fort in Madikeri and made it[2] as their capital. Mudduraja, the third Haleri lord began leveling the land around Madikeri and fabricated a post in the year 1681. Madikeri Fort which was unique worked of mud and was supplanted by Tipu Sultan. Kodagu turned into the piece of British India after 1834 ADhe name Madikeri advanced from 'Muddu Raja Keri' which truly implies the town of Muddu Raja, when the leader of this land. Kodagu(Coorg) has been under various realms since second century A.D. like the Kadambas, Gangas, Cholas, Hoysalas lastly Haleris, who ruled till 1834 A.D. The third Haleri lord, in 1681, manufactured the Madikeri Fort which was before built in mud. Afterward, it was reproduced amid the reign of Tipu Sultan in rock and was named as Jaffarabad. Madikeri turned into a piece of the British Empire amid pioneer rule in India, in 1834 A.D. Madikeri is known for its bold men who have served in the military of India when freedom. Madikeri is a residential community with numerous traveler goals of chronicled and social significance, normal magnificence and alternatives for bold exercises.

An Insight into Madikeri Tourism

Places to visit in Madikeri

Raja’s seat :- Raja's (Seat of the King) is a regular garden of blossoms and fake wellsprings. It is a standout amongst the most essential places of interest in Madikeri of Coorg District. It is 270 km far from Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka.The Raja's Seat in Madikeri town, the spot from where lords of yore watched dusks with their consorts, could be considered as a standout amongst the most grand spots in south India. The spot offers a stunning perspective of transcending slopes, green valleys, studded with paddy fields. It is interesting to watch the way to Mangalore like a bended strip lying in the valley. The Raja's Seat, which implies the "Seat of Kings", is a physical structure with four columns, was a spot from where the lords of Coorg viewed great dusks.

Madikeri Fort :- Madikeri Fort additionally called Mercara Fort was first established by Mudduraja in the second 50% of the seventeenth century. He additionally fabricated a royal residence inside the stronghold. It was in the long run modified and rebuilt in stone by Tipu Sultan who named the site as Jaffarabad. Mercara Fort is among the numerous fortifications, form or reconstruct by Tipu Sultan. In 1790, Dodda Vira Rajendra took control of the stronghold. The British who added to the fortification in 1834. The royal residence was revamped by Linga Rajendra II in 1812-1814. In the north-east corner at the passage are two life estimate stone work elephants and a congregation is available in the south-east corner.Madikeri Fort is one of the intriguing spots for touring with regards to Coorg. It was first worked in the last quarter of seventeenth century by Mudduraja. There was a royal residence worked inside the fortress also. It was revamped into stronghold of stone and blocks by Tipu Sultan, who gave for the name of Jaffarabad.In 1814, the fortress was worked with mortar and blocks by the Lingarajendra Wodeyar II.

Occasions/Festivals in Madikeri

Madikeri is a well known hill station and has one acclaimed sanctuary situated in the city. Subsequently, such huge numbers of celebrations in Madikeri are commended and a portion of the imperative ones are:

Karaga celebration: This celebration is commended to respect the principal rain in the town which will help in collecting of the main yield of the season. The Mantapas parade is the most alluring piece of this celebration. Individuals get wearing conventional outfits and perform different customary moves amid this celebration. Product celebration or Kagara celebration is praised with enthusiasm and intensity in this city.

Shivaratri: The well known sanctuary of Lord Shiva is arranged in this town which pulls in heaps of individuals amid the merry period of Shivaratri. Numerous individuals come here to pay their dedication to Lord Shiva in this sanctuary. This celebration in Madikeri is praised with full energy and loads of pioneers result in these present circumstances city.

How to reach Madikeri

How to reach Madikeri by Train : Madikeri does not have a railroad station. Closest railheads are Hassan, Kasaragod, Cannanore and Tellicherry (every one of which are relatively equidistant 115 km away). Mysore and Mangalore have railroad stations with great rail availability and are great choices to reach Madikeri

How to reach Madikeri by Road : Madikeri lies on the Karnataka State Highway 88 that keeps running from Mysore to Mangalore or now called Mangaluru. It is 120 km from Mysore and 136 km from Mangalore. From Bangalore, the state capital of Karnataka, take the State Highway 17 (Bangalore-Mysore thruway) and take a deviation soon after the town of Srirangapatna to join State Highway 88 towards Madikeri. From Bangalore, Madikeri is at a separation of 252 km. Adjacent towns are Hassan (115 km) in Karnataka state and Cannanore and Tellicherry in the Kerala express (each around 115 km away).

Best time to visit Madikeri

Madikeri is the best place to visit in summers as the temperature amid this season stays in the middle of 21°C - 36°C. Best season to visit Madikeri is this season as you can appreciate get-away amid this season far from searing warmth of the city.

Best Season in Madikeri Madikeri city has messy slopes on which espresso/tea ranch is done as such the climate of this place dependably stays dim toward the beginning of the day and blustery consistently. Best season to visit Madikeri is in summers to make tracks in an opposite direction from the burning warmth of the north Indian summer season.

Monsoon Season in Madikeri Storm brings overwhelming precipitation and temperature tumbles down to 20°C-27°C in rainstorm. Best time to visit Madikeri in rainstorm is from July-September.

Winter Season in Madikeri Winters are normally chilly in this part and temperature can tumble to at least 14°C and a maximum of 29°C in winters. Best time to visit Madikeri in winters is from December-February as climate stays charming amid this time.

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