Kurukshetra Travel Guide

Kurukshetra is one of the selected tourist destination in Haryana, named after the King Kuru, who were the ancestors of Pandavas and Kauravas of the Indian Dynasty. This place is famous in the light of the fact that it is a belief that it was a battleground where the Kauravas and Pandavas fought for the Kingdom of Hastinapur.

Tourism in Kurukshetra

The most famous site in Kurukshetra is "Jyotisar" - 'Jyoti' means the the light and 'Sar' is the core meaning in Sanskrit. In this way the name of the place actually refers to the "first importance of light" or longevity of God. A Vat (banyan tree) is made on a raised stage. Legends say that this tree is part of the sacred banyan tree, under which Lord Krishna gave the idea of Bhagavad Gita, Karma and Dharma to his startling companion Arjuna. Here it is that he performed his huge frame (Universal form), which is a terrible picture of himself as a One and only truth of Universe. A marble chariot represented by Lord Krishna, who gave the speech to Arjuna, shows the site of Bhagvat Geeta. An old Shiva temple can also be seen in a separate area inside it.

There is a Brahma Sarovar which is tremendously famous. It is believed that Lord Brahma (the creator indicated by Hindu folklore) made the universe from the field of Kurukshetra after a huge yajna. It is believed that the recognition of Brahma Sarovar human progress is considered. To get a holy sting in this lake continuously, a great many explorers emerge from all sides of India. A blessed temple for Lord Shiva remains in the same way as Sarovar and it can be accessible through a little bridge.

Another acclaimed holiday destination of Kurukshetra is the quiet, quiet and amazing "Tomb of Sheikh Chehli", between the Mughal period a stampede works between the Mughal period, which is seen as an spiritual guru of the Mughal ruler, Dara Shikoh.

This place can be visited at anytime of the year and does not take multi day to see all the famous places of the city. Apart from this, there are several temples in this place, who have their legendary importance, although they are very few and do not attract many passengers.

When you go there, from morning till morning you will get Brahma Lake in the first part of the day. This is a lovely place with cold water where your feet can be dropped or a full body can take a dip. In view of investing some energy in Brahma Sarovar, the Gita lecture was given in Jyothisar, where was the excursion. It will be a terrible test to be in a heavenly place quiet and calm! The best part about this place is not that many travelers are searched every day, so it is very well maintained, clean and quiet. After making a round around the sacred banyan tree, go to each of the temples around this place. At that point the Sheikh Chilli ka makbara, which is another quiet and peaceful place. A place where you feel that someone has actually been refreshed! From that point forward, go to more sanctuary and other adjacent targets which are mainstream.

An Insight into Kurukshetra Tourism

Places to visit in Kurukshetra

Jyotisar One of the most sacred areas in this area, Jyotisar is an eager city with Kurukshetra-Pehowa road, where the Holy scripture Bhagavath Geeta was expressed in the Indian epic Mahabharata. Prior to the start of the war in epic, Arjun's tendency was persuaded by Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. A banyan tree is still worshiped in this city and it is called a branch of blessed Banyan tree, which was a supervisor for the development of a standout in the most revered sacred texts in Hinduism, Bhagwat Geeta. A useful light and music performance is solved by the government official tourism office which ultimately describes parts of the epic.

Brahma Sarovar Located in beautiful Thanesar, Brahma Sarovar is a water tank which has stopped the brutal change of time, yet it is preserved to be a blessed place for Hindu pilgrims. Indeed, the incredibly famous XII century researcher, Al Beruni, has decided to refer to the lake of this tremendous man in one of his magazines about India. In fact, an incredible sight, Sarovar is especially overwhelmed by the pilgrims between the solar eclipses, because it is believed that a sting will consider one thing in the water around it. The northern coast of the lake establishes a sanctuary for Lord Shiva and the legend is that the Shivlinga was formed by God Lord Brahma himself. In fact, this water tank is referred to through various old articles in scripture, so that it attracts pilgrims.

Kos Minars Kos Minar are medieval achievements, which are seen transparently on various towns of Kurukshetra. In order to check the separation between the Mughal empire, these notable places were known in a weak state across the country, yet Haryana has saved 49 of them and there are certain values. A strong round pillar and about 30 feet long, Kos Minar was an important part of correspondence and travel in the Mughal Empire, although it is very simple in stature. These places are of national importance and should be a piece of your travel agenda.

Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb Reportedly provided with attractive and sensitive Persian signs, the extraordinary Sufi holy man in this tomb lives who is recognized by Sheikh Chilli. Lodging a beautiful Mughal garden, a mosque and a historic center, similarly a second smaller Tomb is said to be dedicated to another of the sacred person, his wife. Within the premises of museum, there are some artefacts from nearby archaeological sites for various periods of progress in the gallery and are really interesting to explore.

Best Time to visit Kurukshetra

The best time to visit Kurukshetra is from the beginning of winter i.e. October to the end of March. During summer, it’s too hot and during rainy season, its moist so that the atmosphere appears is not favorable.

How to Reach Kurukshetra

How to Reach Kurukshetra by Flight: The nearby airport to Kurukshetra is Chandigarh Airport which is just 90 km away from Kurukshetra. Different airlines has well connection with the airport and get regular flights from urban cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Amritsar, Kullu, Indore and Dharamsala.

How to Reach Kurukshetra by Train: Railway connection is well managed and has regular trains from other major cities of Haryana and Punjab. Kurukshetra is connected to other cities of the country such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Chennai etc. through the railways.

How to Reach Kurukshetra by Roadway: Kurukshetra has well maintained and connected roadways from the different Indian states like Punjab, Delhi and and their cities Ludhiana, Rohtak, Amritsar, etc.

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