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Kovalam is a beach town by the Arabian Sea in Thiruvananthapuram metropolitan territory in Kerala, India, situated around 18 km south of the city center. Kovalam first gotten consideration when the Regent Maharani Sethu Lakshmi Bayi of Travancore built her beach resort, Halcyon Castle, here towards the finish of the 1920s. From that point the place was conveyed to the general population eye by her nephew the Maharaja of Travancore. The European visitors of the then Travancore kingdom found the probability of Kovalam beach as a vacationer goal during the 1930s. Be that as it may, Kovalam shot into spotlight in the mid seventies with landings of the majority of radicals on their approach to Ceylon in the Hippie Trail. This departure began the change of an easygoing angling town of Kerala into a standout amongst the most critical visitor goals in all India. Located 16 km far from the state capital Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala), Kovalam is wonderfully excellent and a sanctuary of quietness. It's a charming place of interest in 'God's Own Country'.

Kovalam Tourism

It's a superb beach upheld by strongly mounting headlands and encased by fruitful coconut palms. Set cozily in the southern piece of Kerala, Kovalam has made its essence fingered on the overall visitor delineate, to its perfect and peculiar beachs fixed with sparkling sand and tall beacons. The privy bays, sun kissed beachs, and the waterfront towns of Kovalam charge with its sprucing up nature and the unblemished air. It's isolated into two principle beachs in particular the Eve's beach and the Lighthouse beach. It offers the best offices to its beach darlings like swimming, Ayurvedic kneads, sunbathing, and numerous different choices. The history and culture of this place are established in wide open that enthralls huge number of visitors to tour and delight in its magical appeal. The stunning blue waters of the Arabian Sea and the rough headlands, makes this lovely beach heaven. Vacation couples and beach darlings amazingly love this beach as it offers sentimental minutes from the beginning with a lot of exercises for experience and fun. You can feel the delight of vessel cruise with your friends and family and find the well known sights all around the beach. For the one searching for a fun experience, Kovalam is the ideal occasion goal to hang up one's boots. The sentimental and regular climate of this beach includes soul and brilliance, as well as makes the adventure of life captivating and paramount. In this way, come here and restore yourself and feel revived by and by.

An Insight into Kovalam Tourism

Places to visit in Kovalam

Samudra Beach:- You can enjoy complete privacy here and thus this beach has always remained as an ingredient in almost every honeymoon packages in Kovalam. This is an absolute paradise for the newly-wed and they can stay immersed in their own world of tranquillity here. Samudra beach has remained impervious to the rapid bloom of tourism and even today the beach is successful in preserving its original appeal. Even though Kovalam tourism has flourished to larger dimensions, the beach has remained unnoticed mainly because of a huge ridge present in between the north and south coastlines. Since the place is not always crowded by tourist population, this part of coastline is preferred for fishing by the local fishermen. Here you can see some wooden fishing vessels and the view of ships far away on the horizon will surely be a sight which you will enjoy watching. You can simply sit on the sea wall and appreciate the majestic view from there. Delight yourself with the visual grace of squashy waves which quietly hasten against the hard rocks. The abundance of coconut trees and palms in this beach augments the beauty and regulates the climate perfectly suitable for tourism.A detour along Kovalam takes you to the threshold of Samudra Beach, where crashing waves and exquisite rock formations eagerly await you. Walk in and let this lesser known wonder of Southern Kerala serenade you with its secluded vibe, well-maintained coastline and plethora of eating options. Lying north of the famous Ashok Beach in Kovalam, a stroll here provides one with a wonderful vantage point to view an absolute gorgeous shore come to life.

Lighthouse beach:- Beacon Beach is a hot most loved in the Kovalam territory. You can move to the highest point of the beacon through a winding staircase until the point when you achieve the plain summit. Here, all your weariness liquefies away as the principal breeze tenderly supports your face. Couples rush here to take photos that embellish family collections for a lifetime. It is among the best vantage focuses to see the drift line in Southern KeralaAmong the vacationer puts in Kovalam, beachs are the first fascination. Kovalam beach is really a significant lot of white sandy beach running close by the Malabar Coast. The three isolated parts of the beach are Hawah beach, Samudra beach and the Light House beach. The biggest among these three beachs is the Light House beach which is an unquestionable requirement visit beach of Kovalam. Beacon beach is named after the 30 meter high Light house here which is the most vital element of this beach. The Light House is situated towards the southern end of the beach and it's on a cape. There is a perception stage from which you can see Poovar one way and the acclaimed Beemapalli mosque on the other. You can achieve this stage by climbing an aggregate of 142 stages.

Vellayni Lake:- ocally known as the Vellayani Kayal, Vellayani Lake is a noticeable freshwater lake in Kerala. In and around the lake one can discover bounteous widely varied vegetation that can be best investigated over a watercraft ride or a stroll along the avenue. It additionally happens to be known for its one of a kind biological community. The lake got a fascinating past as well. The story goes this way - once there was a poor person who was feeling parched, and his inquiry of water made him visit a holy person, who was pondering around then. He needed to offer water to the bum yet her vessel was relatively vacant with just a couple of drops of water. He at that point took the last couple of drops from the pot into his palm and tossed them to the extent he could, saying a little supplication. Shockingly, where the drops of water fell step by step transformed into a major lake, which presently known as Vellayani.One of the most well known vacation destinations in Kovalam, Vellayani Lake is a freshwater lake that is situated at a separation 7 km from the principle town.

How to reach Kovalam

How to reach Kovalam by Air: Trivandrum Airport, situated around 15 km far from the beach town of Kovalam, fills in as the closest airplane terminal. It is associated with all other significant airplane terminals of India and abroad by means of a decent number of household and worldwide flights. Flights to Kovalam from any piece of India are effectively accessible. From the airplane terminal travelers can enlist taxicabs, transports or auto-rickshaws to reach Kovalam.

How to reach Kovalam by Train : Trivandrum Central Railway is the closest railway station and is situated at a separation of 12 km from Kovalam. The Railway Station is associated splendidly with all the real urban communities of Kerala and different parts of India also.

How to reach Kovalam by Road : Aside from Trivandrum, Kovalam is very much associated by different urban areas, to be specific, Bangalore, Chennai, Mangalore, Nagercoil and Madurai by a decent system of transports. Different sorts of mentors like Volvo, Deluxe and nearby ones are accessible in this course. Vehicles can likewise be leased to reach Kovalam by street.

Best time to visit Kovalam

Kovalam is an extremely well known shoreline goal, in the southern province of Kerala, its immaculate shorelines and the shallow waters charms countless from India and outside. Kovalam is a perfect recreation and invigorating spot for every one of the guests, it very well may be visited whenever of the year. Be that as it may, the best time would be directly after the rainstorm and before the beginning of summer, in the long periods of September and March.

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