Kheer Ganga

Kheerganga - Kheer Ganga is such place in Himachal Pradesh where people think to go Kheer Ganga tour. Yes, Kheer Ganga really amazing natural beautiful destination in Himachal Pradesh. You can reach and starts trekking from Bharsheni is nearest city where can reach by bus and by the private taxi. There are many turns come at the way to reach this point. Only by walk could be reached at Kheer Ganga. There are few villages on the way , Pulga, Kalga and Tosh, we can go these village by taxi or own vehicles but Pulga village is last further could not possible to go by taxi or car etc.

Parvati valley - To go Kheer Ganga should be go on Parvati Valley, is the confluence of Parvati River and Beas River. And here on River Parvati can be seen Parvati Hydel project (Panbijli Priyoujna) constriction.

Just going ahead of Parvati River, a small wooden bridge can be seem which connect to Kheergana trek. Crossing of River Parvati real trekking of Kheer Ganga start and from this place to Kheer Ganga is just 12-13 kilometer distance.

Wooden House - Wooden houses appear just nearest villages of Kheer Ganga. These are very attractive two to three story houses. Tourists could take breakfast as tea and some snacks are available Nakthan village’ shops. These places are full variety of flowers in different colours and garden of red apples major attractive things.

Rudra nag waterfall - Rudra nag waterfall is located just on the way of Kheer Ganga at Rudra Nag is a holy place. Rudra Nag temple dedicates to lord Shiva and just behind of Shiva temple Rudra Nag waterfall flows and attract many tourists and pressure to tourists to stay here and view the natural view of waterfall.

Parvati Kund - Just ahead Parvati Kund where devotees and tourist take bath and water of this Parvati Kund is naturally hot.

Mythology - It is said that an ancient time, dessert or Kheer flowed from Kheer Ganga between hills and fallen at Parvati Kund. In present the water of Parvati Kund is light white and some floated particle likely particle of dessert can be seen in Parvati Kund.

There are a lot of gems in Kheer Ganga and thousands of tourists visits this place every year as well as devotees come this holy place.

Kheer Ganga Map

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