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Jehangir Art Gallery is located in the southern city of Kala Ghoda, one of the most famous places in the world where artists can create their own works. The exhibition was presented by Cowasji's Jehangir and was filled as a theater for backward artists. It was built in 1952. It was named after the late Sir Jawasji Jehangir. The exhibition was facilitated by famous artists, for example, MF Hussain and SH Raza. A haven for art lovers, this goal is the most popular among art lovers and is famous for its amazing artistic performances. As a popular exhibition of the city's most famous exhibition, the Jehangir Art Gallery has a wide media coverage and artists have to wait for up to two years before they can show their work here.

Jehangir Art Gallery was in front of a huge palace but at this point it fills as a selective target to show the most impeccable artwork. At present, the exhibition consists of four sets of galleries with all imaginable offices to familiarize themselves with different styles of visual art, especially the exhibition gallery, Auditorium hall, the Art Terrace Gallery for Photography and the Visual Arts, and Herji Jehangir Gallery. Jehangir Art Gallery has more than 300 exhibits per year. In addition, it supports an annual show known as the "Seasonal Art Show", where the works of artists are displayed. During this period, the exhibition facilitated a number of performances that showcases works of art by powerful artists in India. An interesting wonder here is that artists who do not have access to the show, display their work directly outside the gallery, on the asphalt.

How to Reach Jehangir Art Gallery

You can reach Chiyam Prasad Mukherjee Chowk in Kala ghoda, immunization area by private or government transport departments or in addition to recruiting taxis or cars, in terms of the Jhangir Art Gallery nearby. The nearest railway is CST, from where one can get a car a fare to get to the show.

Time to visit Jehangir Art Gallery

11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Jehangir Art Gallery Location

Exhibits at Jehangir Art Gallery

The Jehangir Art Fair began on 21 January 1952, when it was introduced by the Prime Minister of Bombay BG. This art exhibition dedicated to the memory of the late Sir Jawasji Jehangir, was the basis for the restoration of Indian art.

The Jahangir Art Fair was built by Durga Bajpei and it was one of the city's first concrete buildings. The internal premises fills like a gallery and theater, decorated with a corridor which is decorated with a corridor along the road. Despite the basic gallery premises, Jahangir art is similar to the most established agent of the country, Samover Café and Natson.

Being one of the excellent targets for artists and art lovers, Jehangir Art Gallery is heavily equipped with a theater hall, three exhibition galleries, Herji Jehangir Gallery and the Teras Art Gallery for photo and visual arts. The exhibition is available for artists to employ any part of the knowledge or confusion as well, which is concluded by the board of trustees. The main focal point at Jehangir Art Gallery is to make art accessible and open to ordinary people, and its prosperity speaks a lot about its commitment to this path.

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