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Ranikhet Tour Packages
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Ranikhet Tour Packages

Are you looking for Ranikhet Packages? India easy trip has a wide range of Ranikhet Tour Packages with the best offers and discounts available online and offline.


You can book Ranikhet Tours anywhere from India & overseas. Our Theme packages are best for all types of travellers. IET offers you to choose readymade packages & also you can easily customise all Rajasthan Holidays packages as per their requirements.

You can book Ranikhet Holidays from all over India and big cities like Delhi, Haridwar, Dehradun, Ahemdabad, Mumbai, Pune, Banglore.There are various reasons to visit Ranikhet, ancient Temple, Local food & folk dance, Natureview, Apple orchids, Gardens makes it a more appealing destination.

About the City
Ranikhet is a small hill station and cantonment town in Almora district in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand State. The city is at the height of 1,869 m (6132 Feets).Ranikhet is also known as Queen Meadow. Ranikhet gets its name from a local legend Rani Padmini the wife of King Sudhardev. She chose this beautiful place for her residence. British made it a cantonment area named as Kumaon Regiment.

Ranikhet is a major hill tourist destination in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Ranikhet is a place in the Almora district of Uttarakhand state. Surrounded by deodar and oak trees, Ranikhet is a very beautiful small hill station. 85 KM from Kathgodam Railway Station. It is well connected by a paved road. The snow-covered Central Himalayan ranges can be seen from this place. Tourists from all over the world come here to visit this beautiful city situated at an altitude of about 1830 meters above sea level. This city used to be a very favorite place of the British. There is proof of this. The grand buildings built by the British, which still enhance the beauty of this city. The weather of Rani Khet and the temperature of Ranikhet are also very pleasant and pleasant. According to a legend, Ranikhet got its name from Rani Padmini. Rani Padmini was the wife of King Sukhdev, who was the ruler of the kingdom there. Seeing the beauty of Ranikhet, the king and queen were very impressed and decided to stay there. Many areas of Ranikhet were ruled by Kumaoni, but later it went into the hands of the British rulers. The British developed Ranikhet as a hill station for holiday fun and built several cantonments here in 1869, which is now the 'Kumaon Regimental Center'. There were small farms in this place during the time of the British, hence the name of this place was named 'Ranikhet'.

History of Ranikhet: In the history of the place to be said Rani Padmini's heart was won by Raja (King) Sukherdev thus she visited this place. As the place was green with no buildings here so it's named Ranikhet The Queen's Meadow (in local language). The queen has her residence here. In another part of history, Ranikhet was refounded by the British (East India Company). They built the cantonment town of Kumaun Regiment & Naga Regiment. Ranikhet was a good hill station to escape the Summer of India.

Ranikhet Local Sightseeings
There is sightseeing places of Ranikhet listed below.
Ahiyana Park The Ashiyana Park is a beautiful picnic spot for locals and tourists. It is the first theme park based on a jungle theme. Green trees, lawns, herbal gardens and colourful fountains in the park attracts various tourist and locals.
Distance:- 300 Meters /
Entry Tickets:- Paid
Timings: 7 Am to 7 Pm

The Ram Mandir
Ram Mandir is devoted to the Hindu Lord Ram, situated at the top of the Kumaon hills. To reach this temple, you need to climb the stairs that will guide you to the hilltop. The scenic view from the temple makes it a must-see spot for photography lovers.
Distance:- 7 Kilometers
Entry Tickets:- Free
Timings: 5:30 Am to 6 Pm

Chaubatia Garden
Chaubatia Gardens is famous for its fruit orchids of apples, apricots, peaches and various alpine fruits. It is a big garden of green fields with a 4-way junction. It is 1800 meters above sea level & covers about 600 acres of land.
Distance:- 6.8 Kilometers
Entry Tickets:- Free
Timings: 10 Am to 6 Pm

Upat Kalika Temple
The Upat Kalika Temple is devoted to the Hindu Goddess Kali (Known as Mother of the Universe) located in Ranikhet in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. The temple is at a favourable distance of 6.2 km from the city.
Distance:- 6.2 Kilometers
Entry Tickets:- Free
Timings: 6 Am to 7 Pm

Mankameshwar Temple
Mankameshwar Temple is a Hindu shrine in Ranikhet town of Uttarakhand in the army cantonment area. This temple was built in 1978 by the Kumaon Regiment Centre. The Main Deity of the temple is Goddess Kali, God Shiva & Goddess Radha God Krishna. It is just 250 meters away from the town.
Distance:- .25 Kilometers / 250 Meters
Entry Tickets:- Free
Timings: 6 Am to 7 Pm

Haidakhan Temple
The Haidakhan Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva & Lord Hanuman.The Haidakhan Temple is 4.6 Kilometers from Ranikhet in Haidakhan Baba Ashram at Chiliyanuala near Ranikhet.
Distance:- 4.6 Kilometers
Entry Tickets:- Free
Timings: 6 Am to 7 Pm

Places to Visit in Ranikhet

1. Golf Course: Located 05 km from Ranikhet City Golf Course is Asia's highest Golf Course. Golf Course offers you the view of the majestic Himalayas with the lush green sprawling all over. They provide membership to outsiders also. Kumaon Regiment Golf Course is a famous tourist destination located in the Ranikhet area. Surrounded by pine trees, this beautiful golf field is located on Rani Khet Almora road, 5 km from Ranikhet. While offering membership plans for outsiders, it is the second-largest golf course in India featuring nine pits. Covered with beautiful green and velvety grass, this golf ground attracts domestic tourists as well as foreign tourists. There is also a rest house for golf players. Which is full of all kinds of amenities. If you come to the Ranikhet area of the Almora district, then come to the golf course and enjoy the game of golf. This place attracts a lot of tourists and local people.
2. Rani Jheel (Lake): Rani Jheel is a small lake located in Ranikhet. It is at a distance of 2.4 km from Ranikhet. Located below the Veer Nari Awas near Rani Jheel Nar Singh Maudan, it is situated at an altitude of about 7500 feet above sea level. Tourists keep coming to enjoy this lake situated in the middle of lush green forests. This lake is an ideal place to enjoy boat Bihar. Which has been artificially developed by the Cantonment Board for rainwater harvesting.

3. Binsar Mahadev Temple: Binsar Mahadev Temple is a popular Hindu temple. This temple is located at a distance of about 20 km from Ranikhet. There is a grand temple of Binsar Mahadev at an altitude of about five and a half thousand feet on the picturesque banks of river Kunj. Built at an altitude of 2480 meters above sea level or surface, this temple is surrounded by lush green deodar forests. Dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, this temple was constructed in the 10th century.
4. Hedakhan Temple: Haidakhan Temple is a famous religious pilgrimage place located on NH-87 road from Ranikhet in Uttarakhand. This temple is a grand temple built in white marble. About four or five kilometers from Ranikhet, it is situated on a beautiful hill in the picturesque valleys of the Himalayas. The view of this temple from the Himalayas is very spectacular, if the weather is clear, then hundreds of kilometers away, the main snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas like Panchachuli, Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, etc. are visible. This temple was established by the famous saint Baba Heda Khan of Kumaon. He meditated and meditated at this place for many years and was worshiped by the local people. After the death of Baba, the idol of Baba is worshiped in this temple.

5. Katarmal Temple (The Sun temple): This "Surya Mandir" is one of the most important temples dedicated to the Sun God. It was built in the early medieval period by the Katyuri king "Katarmalla", Kumaon was ruled by the Katyuri dynasty. On the opposite side of Almora on a hilly area on the east side is the temple of Katarmal Sun God. The devotion to the Sun Temple at Katarmal is known as Buradita or Varadhatiya (ancient sun god). The Sun Temple is famous for its splendid architecture, artistically made stone and metalwork, and beautifully carved pillars and wooden doors. Many shrines within the present pavilion and enclosure were constructed much later. The idol (murti) of the Sun in the temple dates back to the 12th century (currently kept in the National Museum, Delhi). The idols of Shiva-Parvati and Lakshmi-Narayan have also been found in the temple, however, after the 10th century the idol of the presiding deity was stolen, the carved doors and panels have been kept in the National Museum in Delhi.

6. Kumaon Regimental Center) Museum: (KRC) Kumaon Regimental Center is a well-maintained museum. Which showcases the glory and achievements of the Kumaon Regiment. This museum was built in the 1970s to showcase the heritage, customs, and traditions of the Kumaon region. The interior displays of the museum depict several battles related to the Kumaon Regiment. The center displays weapons for military enthusiasts depicting information about the armed forces and the enemies, medals, and uniforms of brave soldiers, flags of rebels during wars, various battles, and stories from the first and second Param Vir Chakras, which were held in Kumaon. Belongs to the regiment. Silver scepter of Rani Jhansi, documents and drawings from the Kargil War, Wireless Field Telephone operated by Japanese and Chinese rifles during the 1962 war are some of the impressive collections of the museum.

7. Jhula Devi temple: Jhula Devi Temple is 7 km from Ranikhet city. There is a popular holy and religious temple situated at a distance of K. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and this temple is named Jhula Devi. According to the local people, this temple is 700 years old. Jhula Devi Temple situated in Ranikhet is a place of attraction at the hill station. It is located at a distance of 7 km from Ranikhet near Chaubatia Garden in Almora district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. The present temple complex was built in 1935. There is also a temple dedicated to Lord Rama near the Jhula Devi temple. Jhula Devi Temple is also known as Jhula Devi Temple and Bells Temple. According to Hindu mythology, this temple was built to keep the grace of Maa Durga free from oppression by the wild animals living in the area. Due to the Jhula being established in the temple premises, the goddess is worshiped by the name "Jhula Devi".

There is another legend about the mother swinging on the swing. It is believed that once in the month of Shravan, the mother appeared in a dream to a person and expressed her desire to swing. The villagers prepared a hammock for the mother and installed a statue in it.
From that day onwards, the Mother Goddess started being worshiped here in the name of "Jhula Devi".
It is said that the temple is about 700 years old. The Chabatia area was a dense forest full of wild animals. "Leopards and tigers" used to attack the people around and take away their domesticated animals. People were afraid of "Leopards and Tigers" and for protection from the dangerous wild animal, the people around used to pray to 'Mata Durga'. It is said that one day the 'Devil' appeared to the shepherd in a dream and asked the shepherd to dig a special place as the goddess wanted to build a temple for herself at that place. As soon as the shepherd dug the pit, the shepherd found the idol of the goddess from that pit. After this, the villagers built a temple at that place and installed the idol of the goddess and thus the villagers were freed from oppression by the forest animals and due to the establishment of the temple, the shepherds left their cattle to graze on the grass.

Countless bells hanging around the temple complex depict the divine and sorrow-eliminating powers of 'Ma Jhula Devi'. About Jhula Devi enshrined in the temple, it is believed that Jhula Devi fulfills the wishes of her devotees and after fulfilling the wishes devotees come here to offer copper bells, everyone's heart is delighted by the melodious sound of bells. Yes, it rises. Devotees believe that Maa Jhula Devi fulfills the wishes of the people who pray in the temple. On visiting here, you also get a chance to visit the Ram temple, which is located nearby. The Jhula Devi temple is regularly visited by devotees. The temple is highly believed by the Hindus, Jhula Devi Temple is a popular place to visit in Uttarakhand.

8. Chaubatia Gardens: Chaubatia Garden is located in Ranikhet, a famous hill tourist destination of Almora district of Uttarakhand state. This place, 10 km from Ranikhet, has the largest fruit orchard in Asia. There are dozens of fruit trees here, seeing which tourists get stunned. It has lush green orchards of 200 different species of fruits and flowers. These orchards produce delicious apples, peaches, plums, and apricots. Surrounded by the forests of Silver Oak, Rhododendron, Cypress, Cedar, and Pine, this place offers panoramic views. Government Apple Garden and Fruit Research Center are located near it and this place is mainly famous as orchards, orchards, and Government Fruit Research Center. This place is also a famous picnic spot. 36 varieties of apples are grown in this garden, out of which four varieties are also exported.

9. Ma Kalika Temple: Maa Kalika Temple is located in the famous hill tourist place Ranikhet area of Almora district of Uttarakhand state. This is a famous temple situated on the top of a small hill amidst dense trees. At the entrance itself, some shopkeepers have set up their temporary shops selling local fruits, peaches, nails, etc. From this gate, there are stairs to go to the temple of Maa Kalika. The temple can be reached through these stairs through dense trees. Due to the strong wind, it feels very good if the trees and plants on both sides of the stairs make loud noises. At a distance of 6 km from Ranikhet, there is a huge golf field which is near this temple. If you come to the Ranikhet area of the Almora district, then you must visit Kalika temple.
10. Bhalu Dam: Bear Dam is a small lake located 3 km below the orchards of Chaubatia in the Ranikhet area. From this place, one can have excellent views of the snow-capped mountains of the alluring Himalayan ranges. One can also relax in the gardens situated in the vicinity of this beautiful dam. This dam was developed by the British Government in 1903. Being open to tourists throughout the year, this place is an ideal place for camping. Bear Dam was built around 200 years ago by the British Viceroy as a source of drinking water for soldiers. After a 10 km drive from Lothian, the lake is at a distance of 3 km from Chaubatia Orchard. The panoramic view of the Himalayan mountains and serene surroundings is complemented by a beautiful small garden near the dam. The dam site is open to tourists throughout the year.

Things to do In Ranikhet
Ranikhet is a beautiful hill station you can enjoy various activities here.

Camping in Ranikhet: Camping in Ranikhet attract tourists as they feel connected to nature and enjoy the beauty of this place.
Trek in Ranikhet: For trekking lovers, Ranikhet has various trek sites. The trek from Chaubatia Garden to Holm Farm is quite popular. Then, there are trails from Chaubatia to Bhalu Dam, etc.
Hiking: Hiking to Ram Mandir in Ranikhet is a good option. You can go hiking to reach Ram Temple & enjoy the best view of the Himalayan mountains.
Nature walk: Chaubatia Garden, Orchards, Farms, Parks in Ranikhet will give you a chance to enjoy the nature walk through dense and green trees, colourful flowers,
Photography: There are numerous spots and creatures to capture in your camera. Add this destination to your bucket list to capture the beautiful birds, Nature, Himalayan Views, Sunset, Sunrise, etc.

How To Reach Ranikhet
By Road: Taxis to Ranikhet from all States and cities of India are available. You can book Ranikhet Taxi or tour from Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Banglore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gujrat, Rajasthan, etc.
All types of Vehicles Sedan, Suv, Innova, Crysta, Tempo Travellers, Coaches, Bus can be used for Ranikhet Packages by road as per your requirement.
Ranikhet Tour Package by Train: The Nearest Railway station to Ranikhet is Kathgodam Railway Station that is 75 kilometres. Also, you can book the train to Ramnagar Railway Station as it is only 96 kilometres away.
Trains are available to Ramnagar & Kathgodam from all major cities of India. Later you can reach Ranikhet by Road from Kathgodam or Ramnagar.
By Air: There are two domestic Airport in Uttarakhand
1. Pantnagar Airport
2. Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun
The Pantnagar Airport is the nearest Airport to the Ranikhet.

Things to Carry

  • Carry Hot water bag, Water Bottle, Warm Clothes to avoid cold weather.
  • Do not forget to bring your Identity card, tickets as you might need them for verification.
  • Bring medicines for fever, cold, gas for an emergency.
  • One Can carry an oxygen Cylinder as sometimes you might feel less oxygen at high altitudes.
  • Torch, Trekking Shoes as you will need for Trekking.
  • Umbrella, Raincoat as weather is very unpredictable in Uttarakhand Route.
  • Tips for Ranikhet Trip
  • Try to take less luggage to make your trip easier.
  • Keeping less luggage will help you to get a quick entry & exit.
  • Use good quality Jackets & Shoes while going nature walk.
  • Use sunscreen to avoid sunburn.
  • Carry light woolen clothes while traveling from April to Oct.
  • Please get an update about the road conditions once traveling during the monsoon.
  • Heavy woolen clothes are required from Oct to March as Ranikhet gets heavy snow from Dec to March.
  • People want to spend time in leisure. Ranikhet is the best destination to do it.
  • Please carry cash with you as there are fewer ATMs in Ranikhet.
  • Please book your rooms in advance during the peak season like April, May & June also Christmas & New Year's Eve.
  • Book your tour package with a registered company only.
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    Popular Ranikhet Tour Packages

    Ranikhet Packages Price Time Person Book
    Ranikhet Tour Package Rs. On Request* 2 Nights 3 Days Per Person
    Book Now
    Ranikhet Nainital Tour Package Rs. On Request* 4 Nights 5 Days Per Person
    Book Now

    Ranikhet Packages

    Ranikhet Tour Package

    Ranikhet Tour Package

    2 Nights 3 Days
    Kathgodam -> Ranikhet -> Local Sightseeing -> Kathgodam

    Book Ranikhet Tour Package ex Kathgodam for 2 nights 3 days.



    On Request*

    Per Person
    Ranikhet Nainital Tour Package

    Ranikhet Nainital Tour Package

    4 Nights 5 Days
    Delhi -> Ranikhet -> Nainital -> Delhi

    Enjoy holidays in Ranikhet and Nainital for 4 Nights 5 Days from Delhi. 



    On Request*

    Per Person
    Binsar Ranikhet Almora Tour

    Binsar Ranikhet Almora Tour

    4 Nights 5 Days
    Kathgodam -> Ranikhet -> Binsar -> Almora -> Kathgodam

    Let us Enjoy Binsar Ranikhet Almora Tour Package for 4 nights 5 days from Kathgodam.



    On Request*

    Per Person
    Pantnagar Mukteshwar Ranikhet Tour Package

    Pantnagar Mukteshwar Ranikhet Tour Package

    2 Nights - 3 Days
    Arrival at Pantnagar --> Ranikhet --> Mukteshwar --> Pantnagar Airport Departure

    Book 2 Night 3 Days  Pantnagar Ranikhet and Mukteshwar Tour Package.



    On Request*

    Per Person
    Uttarakhand Holiday Tour Package

    Uttarakhand Holiday Tour Package

    09 Nights 10 Days
    Dehradun -> Rishikesh -> Mussoorie -> Haridwar -> Nainital -> Kausani -> Corbett -> Ranikhet

    10 days Uttarakhand holiday tour package from Dehradun.



    On Request*

    Per Person

    Ranikhet Weather

    April-June (Min, Max)July-Aug (Min, Max)Sept-Oct (Min, Max)Nov-March (Min, Max)
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    Ranikhet Geography

    Ranikhet Map

    ranikhet Map

    Ranikhet Tour FAQs

    Is Ranikhet a worthwhile place to visit?+

    Ranikhet is a beautiful Hill station, with many places of interest and sightseeing. Ashiyana Park and Ranikhet Jheel are beautiful picnic spots Mankameshwar, Haidakhan Temple, Jhoola Devi, and Ram Mandir are revered shrines near Ranikhet.

    What is the best time to visit Ranikhet?+

    March to July is usually the best time to visit Ranikhet, just before the onset of the monsoon season.

    What are the best hotel option in Ranikhet?+

    There are various hotel options in Ranikhet, from budget to luxury.

    What is the distance between Delhi to Ranikhet?+

    The Distance between Delhi to Ranikhet by road is 372 KM. The aerial distance from Delhi to Ranikhet is 244 KM.

    How many days are sufficient for the Ranikhet Trip?+

    To explore Ranikhet and its nearby surroundings at a relaxed pace, one would need Three days minimum as there are plenty of places in and around Ranikhet.

    What is the nearest Railway Station?+

    The nearest railway station Ranikhet is Express train, Passenger train, Commuter rail, and Goods railway station.

    What is the famous local foods in Ranikhet?+

    The famous local foods are Kafull, Baadi, Aalu ka Jhol, Phaanu, Aalu Gutook, etc.

    What is the Nearest Airport from Ranikhet?+

    Pantnagar Airport is the nearest airport to the place which is only 109 Kms So from there one needs to come by road.

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