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Pantnagar Tour Packages
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Pantnaga Tour - About Pantnaga

Pantnaga is a famous town in Udham Singh Nagar District, Uttarakhand. Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology (G. B. Panth University) is located here and an airport in Pantnaga. It is a gateway to Kumaon tourist places - Nainital, Jim Corbett, Ranikhet, Mukteshwar, etc. Tourists coming from Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata for exploring the natural beauty of places of Kumaon division, Uttarakhand, and they can land at Pantnaga Airport.
It is located near Haldwani in the state of Uttarakhand. Pantnagar is also a major educational institution in Uttarakhand. After the formation of the first Animal Science University in India, Animal Science University Pantnagar played a major role in the field of education. There are many courses related to Animal Science available here. Pantnagar has established many industries like food processing, and rubber industries. Pantnagar is a major city in the state of Uttarakhand, which plays a very important role in the education industry.

Popular Pantnaga Tour Packages

Pantnaga Packages Price Time Person Book
Pantnagar To Nainital Jim-Corbett Tour Rs. On Request* 4 Nights - 5 Days Per Person
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Pantnagar Mukteshwar Ranikhet Tour Package Rs. On Request* 2 Nights - 3 Days Per Person
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Pantnaga Holidays Packages

Pantnagar To Nainital Jim-Corbett Tour

Pantnagar To Nainital Jim-Corbett Tour

4 Nights - 5 Days
Pantnagar -> Nainital -> Nainital Sightseeings -> Corbett -> Corbett Sightseeings -> Corbett Pantnagar Airport

Book 4 Night / 5 Days Pantnagar to Nainital Jim-Corbett Tour Package.



On Request*

Per Person
Pantnagar Mukteshwar Ranikhet Tour Package

Pantnagar Mukteshwar Ranikhet Tour Package

2 Nights - 3 Days
Arrival at Pantnagar --> Ranikhet --> Mukteshwar --> Pantnagar Airport Departure

Book 2 Night 3 Days  Pantnagar Ranikhet and Mukteshwar Tour Package.



On Request*

Per Person

Tourist Destination in Pantnagar

If you are planning to visit Pantnagar then you must visit these 2 places.
1. Kumaon University: Kumaon University is an Indian state university located in Pantnagar. Due to this being the center of higher education, you will get to see many things here.
2. Katghoda Garden: Katghoda Garden is located in Punjab state and is located a short distance from Pantnagar You will get to see beautiful views of nature in this garden and you can also come here with your family.

Nearby Places of Pantnagar

1. Nainital: Nainital is located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand state. Nainital is a famous place situated in the middle of the mountains, which is very famous among tourists, where you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains with your family.
2. Bhimtal: Bhimtal is situated at a short distance from Nainital. Bhimtal is situated on the banks of a very beautiful lake. This place is beautiful and the best place to visit with your family.
3. Sattal: Sattal is a very famous place. Sattal is famous for its seven lakes. There are also some religious places near And Sattal that you can visit.

4. Mukteshwar: Mukteshwar is a small town situated at a distance of about 90 km from Pantnagar. This place is a famous tourist destination which is known for its mountain views and religious places.
5. Bhimtal: Bhimtal is situated at a distance of about 55 km from Pantagar. Bhimtal is known for its beautiful lake, the lake situated here is one of the largest lakes in Uttarakhand. Here you can visit other places like Bhimtal Mahadev Temple, French Villa, Vikramshila Cave, and Garuda Tal.

6. Jim Corbett National Park: Jim Corbett National Park is a national park situated at a distance of 87 km from Pantnagar. Jim Corbett National Park is the first national park in India. This park is known for its rivers, forests, and animals. There are many types of animals here like tigers, elephants, leopards, wild boars, etc. Tourists come here for trekking and jungle safari.
7. Atariya Temple: Atariya Temple is situated at a distance of 14.7 km from Pantnagar. This temple has a rich history full of mythology. This temple is highly regarded by the local people there.

Temples in Pantnagar

1. Kali Chaur Temple:

Kali Chaur Temple is a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali located in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand. This temple is known for its beautiful architecture and serene atmosphere.

2. Shani Temple:

Shani Temple is a temple located near Pantnagar city. Shani Dev is worshiped in this temple.

3. Ashta Dasha Bhuja Lakshmi Temple:

Ashta Dasha Bhuja Lakshmi Temple is located near Pantnagar City in Uttarakhand. Lakshmi Mata with eight arms is worshiped here. Along with this, you get to see 24 idols of Lakshmi Mata in this temple.

4. Atariya Temple:

This temple is dedicated to Mata Atariya. This temple has a rich history full of mythology. This temple is highly regarded by the local people there.

Why is Pantnagar famous

Pantnagar is famous for many things, some of which are mentioned below.

1. Pantnagar Agriculture University:

This University is one of the leading schools in Uttarakhand. Here education is given about animal husbandry, domestic science, and agriculture.

2. Indian Institute of Violet Research:

This institute may research flowers and farming.

3. Indian institute of farm sciences:

This institute is located in Pantnagar of Uttarakhand and this institute is doing research on madisons and farm sciences in Uttarakhand.

4. Pantnagar Airport:

This airport is located in Pantnagar. This airport was inaugurated on February 2, 1988.

Flights land at Pantnagar

Flights land at Pantnagar Airport from many places, the names of some places are given below.

  1. Bhopal to Pantnagar
  2. Patna to Pantnagar
  3. Goa to Pantnagar
  4. Chennai to Pantnagar
  5. Kolkata to Pantnagar
  6. Pune to Pantnagar
  7. Delhi to Pant Nagar
  8. Mumbai to Pantnagar
  9. Varanasi to Pantnagar
  10. Jammu to Pant Nagar

How to Reach Pantnagar from Delhi

You can reach Pantnagar from Delhi in 3 ways. By Bus, By Train, and By Air.

1. By Bus:

You can take inter-city buses from the intercity bus stand and reach Pantnagar. Direct bus services are available from many tour agencies. You can also reach Pantnagar through tour agencies. Buses from Rajasthan, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh also ply from Delhi to Pantnagar. You can also take an AC bus and a non-AC bus to reach Pantnagar.

2. By Train:

You can reach Pantnagar by Kumaon Express train from Delhi Railway Station as it goes directly from Delhi to Pantnagar. That's why this train is considered the most convenient. Some trains go from Delhi to Haldwani. After this, you can take a bus or cab to Pantnagar.

3. By Air:

You will have to take a flight to Dehradun airport to reach Pantnagar from Delhi. The journey from Delhi to Dehradun will be about 1 hour by plane. You will book a flight from Indira Gandhi Airport to Dehradun. You can book flight tickets to Dehradun through your mobile phone After that before coming to the airport check all your documents like your passport and Aadhar card etc. First take complete information about your flight like flight time, terminal number, rules, and rules of baggage. After security checking at the airport, you will have to go to your terminal number from where your flight will take place. You will also have food and drink options during the flight. After reaching Dehradun airport, you can also reach Pantnagar by taxi, bus, or cab.

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Pantnaga Tour FAQs

What is the place to visit near Pantnagar?+

G.B. Pant University
Jim Corbett Park

Where is G.B Pant University?+

G.B. Pant University is located in Pantnagar city of Uttarakhand. It was inaugurated on 17 November 1960.

What is the best time to visit Pantnagar?+

The best time to visit Pantnagar is February to April, and September to November.

What kind of food can I expect to find in Pantnagar?+

Here you will get to see only the local food of Uttarakhand. Veg and non-veg as. Roti, Rice, Vegetables, Dal, Raita, Papad, Pickle, etc.

Why Pantnagar is famous?+

Pantnagar is famous for G. B. Pant University and its airport.

Is there any wildlife to see in Pantnagar?+

Yes, Pantnagar has a wildlife sanctuary known as Pantnagar Forest Range. Here you will get to see many types of animals.

What accommodations are available in Pantnagar?+

There are many types of accommodation available in Pantnagar. There are many options available here like hotels, guest houses, and resorts.

What are some popular outdoor activities in Pantnagar?+

Following are some of the outdoor activities in Pantnagar.
wildlife safari

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