Firozpur - Firozpur is a small district at the border of India and Pakistan. Firozpur lies in the Firozpur district state of Punjab. Firozpur is situated at the bank of Sutlej River and the other most commonly known name for Firozpur is Ferozepur. It was founded by one of the Mughal Emperors of that time. The name of that Mughal Emperor was Firoz Shah Tughlaq. Firozpur district is a small district in the state of Punjab. The state is highly important if we talk about the freedom movement in India.

In our opinion - if you are from India and a true patriotic lover then you must take you time out and plan yourself to visit atleast once in your life to Firozpur. Majority of the population residing in Firozpur are of Sikhs and also there are a lot of beautiful Gurudwaras also. The most commonly visited Gurudwaras by the local is Saragarhi Gurudwara. The summer and the winter climate is also not that bad it's the same as the temperature remains in most other North Indian States.

To travel in Firozpur you can travel the nearby places like Gurudwaras and Temples. You will not get that much difficulty if you want to reach out to Firozpur as there are all modes of transport available. Like you can reach Firozpur By Air, By Road and By Train. All modes of transport are good in reaching out to Firozpur.

If you want to reach out to Firozpur we have listed several ways you can try out.

By Air - There are direct flights available to Allama Iqbal Airport.

By Train - To reach by train you need to go directly to Firozpur cantt railway station.

By Road - You can reach Firozpur directly by road.

Firozpur Map

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