Festivals in Uttarakhand

Festivals of Uttarakhand

(Image: Haridwar )

Nanda Devi Mela:-Nanda Devi Raajjaat Yatra mela is a very famous festival of Uttarakhand . This festival is intended to pay acknowledgment to the Goddess Nanda Devi. Nanda Devi fair is scheduled in the month of September annually. This fair is planned either 5 days or 7 days in Almora, Baleshwar, Bhowali, Chamoli, Dandidhara, Ranikhet, Kichha, Nainital, Kot. Mussoorie, Nauti.Lot of people participates in this fair and worship to Goddess Maa Parvati

Purnagiri Mela:- The Purnagiri fair is one of the holy festivals of Uttrakhand,. The fair is planned by the temple of Shri Purnagiri which is established on the Annapurna Peak. The Purnagir Mela is planned annually in the month of Chaitra Navratri (March –April) over the period of two months.

Phool Dei Festival :- Phool Dei festival is started with the first day of the month of Chaitra (which is March). it is believed that at the end of this festival Goddess Durga comes to the earth. So the young girls of the villages/towns pluck the first flowers of the season and sprinkle these flowers on the verge of own and other houses of their village/town for free. Folk singers welcome the spring with their music.

Ganga Dusshera or Dasar Festival :- It is believed that taking a dip in the holy Ganga river during the ten days washes away the sins. Devotees throng various banks of Ganga, especially in north India to seek blessings of the goddess and to please her. Lakhs of devotees gather at the Dashashwamedh Ghat in Varanasi, Har Ki Pauri in Haridwar on Ganga Dussehra to take a dip into the holy river .

The International Yoga Festival:-The International Yoga Festival is celebrated in the heart of Uttarakhad, Yognagri Rishikesh. The celebration of this Festival is a pleasant occasion planned on the shorelines of River Ganges in the middle of a spiritual atmosphere. The Festival is a mixture of 70 hours of Yoga along with sacredly appealing Kirtan and dedicating time to mystical gurus. The festival strives for the concord of the body, mind and soul.

Kanwar Yatra :-In this Kanwar Yatra festival , Millions of followers of Lord Shiva called as “Kanwariya” comes to Haridwar, Gangotri, and Gaumukh and Neelkanth. During this Yatra the followers of Lord Shiva bring the 'Kanwar' on both of their shoulders. Some followers travel the detachment on foot whereas others on their private vehicle. This yatra starts from the middle of July and lasts till August.

Magh Mela :- Magh Mela is a furthermost popular fair in Uttarkashi district. The aforementioned is a spiritual and ethnic fair, due to this it becomes a significant tourism festival. It is held in the Magh Month i.e. every year on 14 January and last till 21 January. It starts from the date of Makar Sankranti festival. The idols of Kandar God and other Hindu gods and goddesses are taken to Uttarkashi from different villages in a palanquin.

Maha Kumbh Mela:- The Kumbh Mela means Hindu Pilgrimage of faith in which Hindus gather to Bath in a sacred river . In this pilgrimage ,held for about one and half month, millions of devotees comes together to participate in this fair. Several Sadhus of the diverse Akhara sreach in Kumbh Mela and conferring to the grading, given the chance to bathe. The Kumbh Mela is the biggest community assembly and cooperative act of faith, anywhere in the world.

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