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About Elefantastic

Elefantastic is an elephant rehabilitation center on the shores of Jaipur. Reinstatement is done by the claim of focus and the last elephant rider (Mahut), which puts light on social insurance and restores the authorities for agreeable, outstanding and unique elephants to deliver healthy elephants to live on earth. Despite the fact that on February 21, 2012, the Elefantastic Rehabilitation Center was conceived, the contribution of Rahul's family with our elephants is more than 4 years old. Prior to the Rehabilitation Center's emergence, she had an elephant ride in Amber Palace for a long time, who gave a ride to many visitors who visited the Amber Palace. Despite the fact that he was delighted to have an elephant riding in Amber Palace and met with many visitors, he could not resist the progressively important things for him and his elephants. A lot of people who had met him were anxious about the everyday existence of elephants and needed a common ride with them. As he considered conceivable opportunities, he understood that in the lives of the Asian elephants, individuals need to point out the knowledge below a top notch. The situation of immense illusions in India is that the organism - especially the elephants - is seriously misused. They concluded that they need to show the persons who are not usually the situation and move forward in ending these misguided decisions. This option encouraged them to start a rehabilitation center, which gives a sense of everyday life of Asian elephants. You will see that most of our elephants are surrounded by surroundings, in which there are extensive rooms, mind-hungry vet is constantly checking to ensure that they are all at the peak of their well-being.

How to Reach Elefantastic

Lies on the central point of Jaipur, Elefantastic can be easily accessible by auto rickshaw or cabs from any places in Jaipur.

Time to visit Elefantastic

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Elefantastic Location

Things to do in Elefantastic

You can likewise profit the accessible Special rides upon the prepared elephants. Throughout the years, the homestead has been an extraordinary supporter of the welfare of the Indian elephants, and directly houses 23 female elephants and one male elephant. An astounding assortment of birds is additionally housed inside the homesteads. A few littler wild animals likewise locate a shelter here.

The Elefantastic Farm is arranged near the Tiger Rescue Center of Jaipur which is a therapeutic place for harmed and wiped out tigers. It is very much visited by sightseers after the all the more enhancing background at the elephant reproduction.

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