The suburb of Dwarka is a residential colony located in the southwest of Delhi. Dwarka, which began to settle in the late 1980s, is now called the largest residential colony in Asia. Dwarka is located near the Indira Gandhi International Airport and the administrative headquarters of the southwest district of Delhi is also located here. Dwarka, which extends over 54.9 square kilometers, is divided into 29 sectors.

In January 2014, the Indian cabinet approved a second diplomatic enclave from 39 countries after Chanakya Puri on 34 hectares of land in Dwarka.


Dwarka Baoli - This Baoli was built by the sultans of the Lodhi dynasty in the early 17th century for residents of the village of Loharhedi.

Old history

Recent excavations have revealed that there is a town called Loharhedi at the time of the Lodhi period, where Dwarka is now. A baoli built by the sultans of the Lodhi dynasty was also excavated in the early 17th century for residents of the village of Loharhedi. It was found during Zafar Hassan's list of 1910, the existence of Baoli in the city of Loharhedi is also mentioned.

The establishment

The establishment of Dwarka began in the 1960s. Before the establishment, most of the Dwarka area was under a city called "Pappanakalan". The Delhi Development Authority is now developing Dwarka on the city's illuminated lines.


The event - The suburb of Dwarka is located in the southwest district of Delhi. In addition to being the district headquarters, it is also one of the three subdivisions of the district. [6] The Najafgarh Road, Pankha Road, Nala of Najafgarh and Delhi-Rewari roads surround it. According to Divipra records, the total area of Dwarka is 58 hectares. Almost all major sectors of Dwarka have market complexes, and each complex has between 700 and 800 stores.


Dwarka has a population of approximately 10,000 rupees, and the population density here is 189 to 200 people per hectare. There are about 350 societies and about 50 DDA pockets.


Underground - The blue line of the Delhi metro connects Dwarka with Noida. In addition, subway lines are proposed from Dwarka subway station to Najafgarh and from Dwarka Sector 21 subway station to Gurugram.

road - The 2 km overpass from Dwarka over Palam on the outer ring route connects Dwarka with southern Delhi.

Dwarka Map

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