About Dolls Museum

Jaipur is the place that is known for legacy and culture. The most ideal approach to appreciate the way of life is by visiting exhibition halls (museum) around the city. There are various historical centers, which communicates the way of life, legacy, imperial way of life, war and others. What about something that would draw in youths. The Dolls Museum is an attractive tourism place, popular among kids. You can discover dolls from different parts of the world, distinctive period and, the customary puppet dolls of Rajasthan.

History of Dolls Museum Jaipur

The Dolls Museum was built up in 1974 by Shrimati Bhagwan Bai Gauridutt Sekhsaria Charitable Trust. Throughout the years, the gallery fell into disregard and the state of the dolls disintegrated. It was in the year 2014 that S.S. Bhandari, a fine auditor from Jaipur, alongside a gathering of devoted nationals revamped the historical center and exceeded the rebuilding of dolls with the assistance of workmanship conservator Rashmi Sharma. Shivani Sethia, London, and Rotary Club, Japan have given English puppets and Japanese dolls to the gallery separately.

The doll buildup of the historical center showed in five exhibitions is from around 40 unique nations. The new wing of the exhibition hall, Savita Ranjit Singh Bhandari, is named after Bhandari's folks. The exhibition hall houses Indian state dolls showed in exceptional attire reflecting wedding wear, ordinary apparel, and move outfits. The customary doll gathering from Japan, a large portion of which is produced using wood, incorporates Kokeshi dolls, Namahage dolls, Kamakura dolls, Kanto Matsuri dolls, and Tanabata dolls. Dolls made using paper and whale teeth from Japan are additionally in plain view. Dolls embellishing customary clothing from different nations, for example, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, Norway, Peru, Uganda, Burgundy, Mongolia and more draw in guest's thought. The gallery likewise has an area of English puppets and high quality wooden toys.

How to Reach Dolls Museum

The doll museum is found only 4 km far from the centre point of the city of Jaipur. You can board open roadways from any piece of the city to Ram Niwas Bagh bus stop or Jawaharlal Nehru Marg bus stop. From the bus stop, you can stroll to the exhibition hall. You can discover taxis and cabs from different parts of the city to the gallery.

Time to visit Dolls Museum

The historical center of Doll Museum is an indoor movement and in this way, the season has no effect on the excellence of the place. The exhibition hall is at prime excellence consistently. On the off chance that you wish to visit Jaipur at a satisfying time, winter is the best time to pick. Winter begins in November and finishes in March.

The historical center is open during the time from Wednesday to Monday, from 9 toward the beginning of the day to 5 at night.

Dolls Museum Location

Architecture of Dolls Museum

This Doll Museum was built in 20th century to express the way of life of the world with the assistance of dolls, the clothing types of the dolls, accompaniments of the dolls, etc. You can discover numerous dolls that express the way of life with various clothing types from various parts of the nation like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Bengal, Gujarat, Assam, Kashmir, Punjab and others. You can discover marriage dolls from Punjab, Mysore, Kerala, Gujarat and Bengal. There are likewise dolls that features the customary move frames like Kathakali, Odissi, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and others.

You can likewise discover dolls from different parts of the world like Germany, Malaysia, America, Mexico, Britain, Afghanistan, Sweden and others. There is another exhibition with dolls of kids' most loved superheroes, animation characters, etc. The English Puppet exhibition is likewise recently presented. This display holds dolls that are only 2 inch in tallness.

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