Dehradun Travel Guide

Dehradun is a standout amongst other goal, a vacationer can ever consider. The uneven town with its lovely atmosphere, specked with some of traveler's spot has made Dehradun Tourism a thrilling background for anybody. The hill city of Dehradun was followed out by the British and from that point forward it has turned into a hot visitor goal for Indian vacationers. It is a lovely slope station that is mainstream for its enterprise, mysticism and the excellent nature that the place is honored with.

Tourism in Dehradun

Dehradun is the capital city the as of late shaped state Uttaranchal. It is one of the most seasoned urban areas in India. Fantasies legends still do rounds in this land. You additionally profit references of Dehradun even in the sacred writings of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

A movement to Dehradun would take you to a land where a portion of the chief instructive organizations are found. Be that as it may, there are numerous vacation spots too in Dehradun. The sloping excellence finish with high altitude hills, lush valleys, good country streams, hollows and a mild atmosphere is a withstanding bait for venturing out to Dehradun.

Best time to visit Dehradun

You can visit anytime to Dehradun throughout the year. The climate and weather remains 8 - 35 degree throughout the whole year.

An Insight into Dehradun Tourism

Dehradun History

The word Dehradun is derived from the combination of two Sanskrit words ‘Dehra’ which means griha or home and ‘Dun or Doon’ which means Shivaliks.

The provisional capital or headquarter of Uttarakhand state in India, Dehradun is naturally beautiful place which is located in the Northern part of India. Surrounded by hills and Himalayas, the flow of river Ganges from the east and river Yamuna from the west has made the district peaceful and attractive. Around whole India, Dehradun is headquarter of Indian Military Academy also. It is connected with famous tourist places like Mussoorie and Auli along with Hindu pilgrimage cities Haridwar, Rishikesh and Chota Char Dham.

It is believed that Dehradun has rich history since the period of Mahabharata and Ramayana. The guru of Kauravas and Pandavas Dronacharya lived in Dwara which is 20km far from Doon city. Also Hanuman came to Shivaliks in search of herbs when Laxman was injured.Dehradun was always been a part of Garhwal Region known as Kedarkhand. Around 1800, Gurkhas(Nepali fighter or Rulers) got victory over Kumaon and Garhwal region. Later King Pradyumna Shah got victory over Gurkhas with the help of Britishers in Nalapani wat which was called Anglo-Nepalese war. Later Sugauli Treaty was signed between British government and Nepal as a peaceful treaty to stop the war which meant that parts of Nepal (Dehradun) would be given to British to use the right oin the service of Gurkhas as Military.

How to reach Rishikesh

How to reach Rishikesh by Air: The nearest airplane terminal to Rishikesh is happy concede Airport close Dehradun. It is situated at a separation of around 17 km from the town. Dehradun is associated with all the real Indian urban communities and towns by various residential flights.

How to reach Rishikesh by Train : Since Rishikesh is an exceptionally prevalent vacationer and journey focus in India it is associated with all the critical urban communities in the nation by a solid railroad organize. The Virbhadra Railway Station is arranged at a separation of only 5.6 km from the town. There are various trains that work routinely from urban communities like Dehradun, Mumbai, Delhi, Kotdwar to Rishikesh.

How to reach Rishikesh by Road :Rishikesh is additionally very much associated with the vast majority of the Indian urban communities by street. There are various open and private transports that utilize habitually from Rishikesh to Pauri (117 km), Haridwar, Dehradun and Kotdwar.

Places to visit in Dehradun

Forest Research Institute: Forest Research Institute simply FRI Dehradun was established in 1906 as Imperial Forestry Service. The Institute contains six museum which are Pathology Museum, Social Forestry Museum, Silwiculture Museum, Timber Museum, Non-Wood Forest Products Museum and Entomology Museum. Some famous Bollywood movie like Student of the Year, Rehna Hai Tere Dil Main, Krishna Cottage, Paan Singh Tomar are shooted here.

Tapkeshwar Temple : The Shiva sanctuary is found under 6kms far from the downtown area. Here water beads beginning from a stone, fall on the Shivling put in the sanctuary.

Sahastradhara : The Baldi River tumbles down from a stature of 9mtrs. What's more, the give in here offers an amazing sight. Many scrub down at the Sulfur spring, which is accepted to have mending properties.

Tapowan : It is a pure spot with excellent environment. As per the Mahabharata, Guru Dronacharya had done repentance here.

Woods Research Institute : The gallery here features various herbal examples from the Himalayan lower regions. Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology: For the individuals who appreciate mountain geography, the foundation is an awesome place to increase fascinating bits of information.

Zonal Anthropology Museum: Its one of the beautiful and popular museum in Dehradun which lies 5kms far away from Forest Research Institute. This museum has the lots of artifacts collection related to origin, development and struggle of mankind in the Earth.

Malsi Deer Park : Malsi Deer Park is the peaceful habitat for many young Deers. Its one the beautiful park after Rajaji National Park in Dehradun. Its famous as Picnic spot among visitors. Also it includes Two-Horned Deer and Neelgai.

Lachhiwala : Lachhiwala is one of the most popular picnic spot in Deharadun which lies in between the Haridwar Rishikesh Road and Dehradun. Its one of the beautiful sightseeing in Dehradun. Covered with Sal Trees, it has the beauty of man made pool, where one can take bath for their pleasureful visit.

George’s Everest House : Sir Everest George was one of the great suveryor during 18th century time period. He surveyed the arc from South India to Nepal till the Mount Everest. His house is one of the major tourist attraction in Dehradun. In front the house there is uncovered large water tank/cisterns which can still be seen.

Dehradun Map

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