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Coonoor is a small tea town and Nilgiri is the second highest peak in its hills. Coonoor found to be about 20 kilometers away from Ooty, Coonoor is also a great tourism places in Tamil Nadu. A splendid piece of Nilgiri hills can be seen in both Ooty and Coonoor. The hospitality of the local people adds another measure to stay in the nearby places at Coonoor. It is in trend in an oral form due to its striking view of the emerald Nilgiri hills. It is also recognized for its tea states and fields that the surroundings are surprisingly ideal for producing tea. All factors considering the climate in Coonoor have helped to bring tea plants in a large number, so both of them contribute to the horticulture economy and traveler's purposes. Coonoor is constantly lovely and regardless of the time you see it.

History of Coonoor

There is no absence of guests from close and far. Coonoor is a very well-known weekend destination in Tamil Nadu to the local people from nearby areas such as Coimbatore. As a weekend, visitors can get hotels at tariff of Rs. 500 which is probably one of the reasons for the importance of Coonoor gateways. The old temples, interesting houses and peaceful air surroundings make Coonoor the perfect place to relax. A bit of tired tea town encourages you with an old-world appeal, away from the maddening daily rush. Exciting aroma of beautiful flowers, mixing with natural environments play destruction on their faculties. You feel attracted to venture out, and examine each niche and corner of this curious little city. Large tea plantations spread like green garden can be seen everywhere throughout the city.

Paradise of a nature lover: The grandeur of the Western Ghats attracts the youth among you. With astonished surprise you can appreciate the wild and indomitable grandeur of the Western Ghats. To absorb the climate and excellence of wild mountains, many trekking camps are being offered for Nature Lovers. Panther, deer, monkey and snake can be found in nature. The mainstream holiday activity of the persons traveling to Coonoor is worth observing. Many natures are excited about the dear winged organisms and the blossoming which can be seen here. A scene from the windows of the inn in Coonoor, shows great agony, the picturesque splendor with which the nature has taken the side of this dazzling city.

Accommodation in hotels with tariff in Coonoor, which fits in any budget, is an added benefit. There is no problem with the money to mislead the sweet memories of a delightful getaway in Coonoor. Stay in Coonoor, create a beautiful memory of bird, watch beautiful trees and flowers, breathe outdoors, making all those moments special. Holidays are more private by taking the train at World Heritage Mountain Rail. Enjoy the panoramic beauty of Western languages because the train stretches along vast tracts of wild and green forests, dark tunnels, dark bridges, countless currents and huge tea possessions. The abundance of nature is reflected in all stages of the delightful train journey in Coonoor that will remain in your memory.

An Insight into Coonoor Tourism

Places to Visit in Coonoor

Coonoor is considered one of the most attractive hills stations in India, which lies at about 19 km from Ooty. It is the second largest hill station in India, raised in a big way. Famous Focus in Coonoor, which can make you feel are Katherine Falls, Dolphin's nose, Droog Fort, Hidden Valley, Ketty and much more. Wellington Golf Course is a nearby place, where business magnets like to go with their masterstrokes during one night. Sim Park and St. Georges Church are the other two surprise spots that visitors should venture into. Shopping facilities are additional available and are within your budget.

Catherine Falls and St. Catherine Falls, is to be found in the area that enriches Coonoor. This excellent cascade falls from 250 feet. This can be clearly seen from the weave of the Dolphins Nose, if the total cascade is seen as a whole inclination that is over for you. Getting a path for the spheres of falls is practical. This favorable positioning point allows you to satisfy honestly about the glorious order that has been limited within the fall of Mother Nature, because you see 250 feet below the pool and it’s near the farm.

Dolphin's nose is a huge rock that is completely remarkable. The emerging rock design looks exactly as it has been named, Dolphin's nose. It examines various attempts to mount the field of this rock launch, yet the views fully value the extreme work. There are many reputable roads on both sides of the nose of the dolphin. In one of the gates, you can see the wonderful Catherine Falls beyond, whose progression stream is more than a couple of thousand meters below. In another gorge, you can stamp the place where Coonoor is the tributary River get together with Kotagiri Creek.

Droog Fort is located in neighboring Coonoor, another famous center in Coonoor. To enter this mansion, there is a need to work a bit harder on this basis, that trekking should be completed to achieve its goal, yet the extreme work emphatically honors it. This old fort is located in 6,000 feet of fields. The Institutions says that this fort was kept as Tipu Sultan as a township. With the establishment of such a monument, which allowed forts to control remarkable perspectives in all directions. With the point of getting results in these current situations, you should go to the entire Nonsuch Tea Estate, similarly known as Bakasura Malai.

Various activities in Coonoor include the visit of Katherine Falls, which is a notable two-time course in Kotagiri. Lamb's Rock is a post point giving a clear view of Coimbatore fields. An outing for Sim Park, a botanical garden is set in between Shola forests, which is for a long-time pleasant walking.

How to Reach Coonoor

How to reach Coonoor by Air: There is no airplane terminal in Coonoor, but Coimbatore Airport is the nearest domestic airport which lies at a distance of 80 KM away. Flights from Coimbatore to every major cities of India are operated by all aircrafts, and there are day flights from Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai closest international airport and is affiliated with every major city or via Mumbai. From Coimbatore, you can either take a taxi for two hours via a wonderful road for Coonoor, or meet Mettupalayam to get a toy train for Coonoor.

How to reach Coonoor by Train : Coonoor has its own railway station due to its exceptional length and soak area. The nearest railway station is Mettupalayam which is 45 kilometers away. Coimbatore Station is very much connected to all the major parts of India and is about 75 km away. The general transport and taxi administration connect these railheads to Coonoor.

How to reach Coonoor by Road : Road transport is the most economical and least expensive way to go to Coonoor from nearby airport and train stations. As a result of a rugged landscape, it is difficult to lay the train tracks, thus the total transport has been captured on the roads. Government and local bus services are operated for the better roadway travel. Or you can hire Taxis or cabs to reach the destination of Coonoor.

Best Time to Visit Coonoor

The late spring season is between long periods of March to May, when the temperature lasts between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. This is the most attractive time for the visitors. It was long before the storm which starts in June and spreads till September. The main seven days of June are known to move downwards from the stretch. Moderate to moderate rainfall is recorded. Similarly, the ambience between this particular season becomes disgusting. The nearby gets moist during the following season. Those who are seeking for the pleasure climate can visit at the season.

Coonoor Map

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