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About Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani is an idea catching the lively soul of Rajasthan and guaranteeing an ideal Rajasthani experience. Inbound and local visitors want to explore the novel Rajasthani culture. The genuine Rajasthan, the towns, the artworks, Bani Thani craft, the wall enhancements, Dipak wall, the outside air, the night exhibitions, the eagerness, the 'manuhar' (a sensitive demand to eat till your profound desire), the conventions, the ensembles and finally however not least the Feelings.

The place is only far from the hustle of the downtown area where nature is alive, common beautiful perspectives are prepared to serve you and where you can feel the outside quality of Indian provincial towns. A place which isn't too far to even think about reaching, arranged on a national thruway blasting with harmony and calm. A place where you and your family love to come back over and over.

How to Reach Chokhi Dhani

Situated on Main Ajmer Road to Jaipur, the place is very much associated from all means of transportation. You can take a private taxi or cabs to reach here from any places in Jaipur.

Time to visit Chokhi Dhani

5:00pm to 11:00pm everyday.

Chokhi Dhani Location

Things to do in Chokhi Dhani


Ride on the back of the ship of the desert that is camel, the brilliant elephant and a steed drawn Tonga. Experience the raving fervor and experience of riding on these magnificent animals. Have a series of entire town in style, relishing the sights and sounds at a relaxed pace. It is difficult to oppose taking a ride on all or any of these. Some of the riding that are popular in Jaipur Chokhi Dhani are Camel Ride, Elephant Ride, Bullock Cart Ride, Horse Ride and Boat Ride.

Music and Dance Show:

Folk Music & Dance Kalbeliya tribes of Rajasthan were once travelers of the desert are world well known for their Kalbeliya dance. Its high beat music, entrancing serpent like dance and quick body developments enamor all guests. In Bhopa-Bhopi dance artiste discloses to some old society accounts of Indian Folk God or lord in kind of melody and they move on it. Ghoomer dance is the celebrated and conventional society dance of Rajasthan, viewed as a standout amongst the most excited mysterious dances. Ladies smoothly move in circles and with showcase of brilliant ghagharas. The Chari dance a.k.a. the Bhavai people artiste hits the dance floor with 7 to 11 pots on her head or in a few shows they hit the dance floor with taking lit pot on their heads.

National Museum Chokhi Dhani now has a National Museum. The National Museum at Chokhi Dhani is a novel and earnest exertion at delineating Indian states in the entirety of their brilliance. At the National Museum, you can encounter each state's exceptional culture, convention and be invited by an individual of that State! We have made a smaller than normal India directly here at Chokhi Dhani. You would now be able to test all the wealth of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Kerala, West Bengal, Sikkim, and Jammu and Kashmir at Chokhi Dhani National Museum.


Sangri-Dining Hall The Dining Kitchen - Sangri is prestigious for the mouthwatering and valid Rajasthani food, served to you on a leaf platter in the custom of Manuhaar. Your taste buds will recall this treat for quite a while, while the glow of administration will remain in your heart until the end of time.

Chaupad - Dining Hall Aside from Sangri there is another ethnic eating lobby extraordinarily known for its shape - Chaupar Jee Main Ghar. In India Chaupar is an antiquated round of Royal families like the present Ludo, which has four straight ways joint in focus. This is the thing that "Chaupar Jee Main Ghar" has in its shape. It has four straight columns meeting at focus. Each line has 20 people's sitting limit where you discover best of Rajasthani dishes like Batis sunk into unadulterated ghee with Choorma, a conventional dish of Rajasthan and that's just the beginning.

Gorbandh-outdoors Dining The antiquated royal territory of Rajasthan offered ascend to a royal cooking. Gorband is an open region feasting at semi round shape ground. The nourishment cooked in desi (new) ghee is celebrated for its mouth-watering fragrance. Rajasthan's most delectable curries depend on the utilization of heartbeats or gram flour. Dry organic products, flavors and yogurt are utilized in numerous delights.

Rajasthan can likewise flaunt an immense range of savories and sun-dried tidbits. Be it dal baati and churma or missi roti, one generally winds up licking their fingers.

Royal Fine Dining Royal theme Restaurant is perfect imperial experience. Alongside imperial sitting in the midst of rich vibe, nourishment is served in flatware and visitor can appreciate conventional exhibitions.

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