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In Uttar Pradesh's capital Lucknow, there is a luxurious Chauruka palace in between Sultanganj dam and Banarasi Bagh which is called Butler Palace. The name of this building is in the name of Sir Depot Commissioner, Awadh named Sir Harcourt Butler in 1907. For some reason this palace could not be fully constructed, but it can be estimated only by seeing its present form, that if it had been made, then its magnificence would have been created.

History of Butler Palace

The Butler palace was designed by the famous architect Sardar Hirasing Singh, who also built a magnificent building of the Lucknow Council Chambers. The groundwork of this palace was placed at King Mahmudabad on 1 February 1915 by Butler Sahib. This is why the name is also associated with it. In 1921, when the end of the castle was completed, the flood in Gomti destroyed it, so the king had to change his mind and could complete only happen quarter part of it.

How to Reach Butler Palace

Butler palace is located in Butler Colony in Lucknow where you can access this place from every part of Country and local buses can be achieved from any place. Also you can take auto-rickshaw or hire taxi to reach the Butler Palace.

Butler Palace Location

Facts about Butler Palace

This magnificent four-lane Kothi has an intriguing texture and its impressive architecture is of the Rajasthani style. In the period of the Indian Independence, he remained a famous guest house of Lucknow. Pandit Motilal Nehru, Ali Imam sahib of Patna and along with Maharaja from Nepal and Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru have been in this palace. The glory of Butler Palace has become a forgotten dream today. The majestic building with these fake arches, decorated with four towers on four corners, was very beautiful when it was on your face. Opposite, beautiful umbrellas and fountain are made of marble. The entrance to this palace is also a magnificent specimen of the traditional royal doors of Lucknow.

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