Bundi is a former princely headquarters of the state and district located in the southeast of Rajasthan. It was founded in 1242 AD by Rao Devaji. Surrounded by the hills of Bundi is a picturesque and densely wooded city.

History - The ruler here, Rao SurjanHada, accepted Akbar's subjection. During Shah Jahan, the ruler of BundiChhatrasalHada participated in the battle of Dharmat on behalf of Dara, but was killed in this war. Bundi is characterized by its distinctive painting style, which was developed in this region in the medieval period. Bundi's themes include hunting, horse riding, Ramlila, bathing heroine, itinerant elephants, lions, deer, skyscrapers, branched trees, etc.

The painting - The painting of the Bundi peacock dance in Shravan-Bhadas has become very beautiful in tradition. The female characters in the images here seem very impressive. In the female illustration, the main features are sharp nose, almond eyes, thin waist, small round face. Women are more dressed in red and yellow. The most important feature of the Bundi style is the landscape of the background. The paintings represent flowers, leaves and bells along with kadali, mango and peepal trees. Draw trees on top of the image and draw water, lotus, ducks, etc. At the bottom of the image was the specialty of Bundi painting.

Main styles - After coming under the Mughals, there was a new twist in the painting here. The Mughal influence in the painting here began to increase. Rao Ratnasingh (1631–1658 AD) gave refuge to many painters in court. Bundi made considerable progress in the field of painting in the seventeenth century due to the support and support of the rulers and favorable conditions and the geographical environment of the city. The incorporation of gardens, fountains, rows of flowers, starry nights, etc. in the paintings he began with Mughal influence and, at the same time, the local style continued to develop. In paints, the marking of tree, duck and peacock plants is compatible with the Bundi style. In a painting by Basantragini in 1692 AD, the Bundi style looks even richer. Over time, the Bundi style began to touch the heights of prosperity.

Bundi Map

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