Bikaner Travel Guide

Known for delivering the best riding camels on the planet, Bikaner, in the desert province of Rajasthan, is otherwise called the 'Camel Country'. The Ship of the Desert is a unified piece of life here. Be it pulling overwhelming trucks to transport grains and products or dealing with wells, camels are the prime partners. From providing food and mold to voyaging and diversion, the camel is an everyday need.

Bikaner is additionally an inside for usta workmanship. The work for the flourishing of usta craftsmanship is being done in Bikaner for quite a long time. Usta craftsmanship is portrayed by smaller than expected compositions and gold decorating done on roofs, columns, dividers, marble, wooden and glass products and ivory. However, its genuine excellence and appeal can be seen on the bits of camel cover up. The results of Usta workmanship have been the colleague of Bikaner for a considerable length of time.

Tourism in Bikaner

Attend Camel Festival: This yearly occasion is devoted to the intense creatures surviving the unforgiving desert conditions. The celebration was sorted out as an activity by the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture of the Rajasthan Government. Camels and the Bikaner have a long affiliation. Since the time of the author of the city Rao Bika Ji, Bikaner is the main camel reproducing locale. The delicate monsters raised here have been selected even in the armed force. The camel corps is known as "Ganga Risala" and has served on the planet wars and Indo-Pak wars. Indian armed force still keeps up a regiment where these overcome creatures dependably benefit in the Border Security Force.

Shopping from Kote Gate: Kote Gate is a standout amongst the most mainstream points of interest in Bikaner. It is a superb structure isolating the old and new parts of the city. Respect the design here as you enjoy some shopping at the bustling business sector. Continually humming with action, you will love the vitality of this place. Bring home some stunning gifts which you will treasure. Attempt on the sturdy and appealing embellishments made with camel stow away. The open toed shoes, customarily worn by nearby men, likewise find numerous takers.

Camel Safari in the Thar: Bikaner is a standout amongst the most shocking spots in Rajasthan you will ever go over. Found right amidst the Thar Desert, Bikaner is home to the Junagarh Fort, which alone observes a great many vacationers consistently. The city sees unforgiving atmosphere during the time also, which is the reason you should visit Bikaner amid the winter months. Acclaimed for its camel safari visits in Bikaner and outdoors in the desert, it is a one of a kind ordeal for any individual who hasn't taken a ride on a camel previously.

An Insight into Bikaner Tourism

Places to visit in bikaner

Gajner Temple: Bikaner has been a most loved for vacationers from everywhere throughout the world. They come here to see the nearby markets, rich legacy, social locales, Thar deserts and to encounter the development that has stays since Harappan time. A portion of the noticeable spots to visit in Bikaner are Junagarh Fort, Prachina Museum, Karni Mata Temple, Gajner Palace, sand hills safari, Rampuriahaveli, Bhandasar Jain sanctuary, The Royal Cenotaphs, Lalgarh Palace, Kote Gate, Shiv Bari sanctuary, Kodamdeshwar sanctuary and considerably more.

Junagarh Fort: A standout amongst the greatest structures in the Junagarh fortification complex is the Anup Mahal. Its intricately finished dividers are canvassed in red and gold with hued glass decorate. The Anup Mahal is a multi-storied royal residence and was the administration chambers for the rulers. It’s perfectly improved rooms show the assets of the imperial family. In the Badal Mahal or the mists royal residence White mortar columns are finished in sensitive examples and secured with gold clears out. The Badal Mahal or Cloud Palace's dividers are painted with a fresco of rain mists. In the rain fresco photo there is a work of art of Krishna and Radha encompassed by the blue cloud themes.

Devikund Sagar: The chhatris are flanked on two sides along a repository and is to be sure outstanding amongst other cases of Rajputani compositional style. The cenotaphs of the prior leaders of Bikaner are in Dulmera red stone and the later ones are made of marble. The chhatris for ladies, men and offspring of the imperial family are unique. The chhatri of a male has a vertical dedication piece where as that of a female has foot marks engraved on the chunk. A commemoration raised for a minor is called nothing and it is a basic structure without an overhang.

Best time to visit Bikaner

Visiting the city a mid October till March will be a warm affair, as the atmosphere is charming and enables one to appreciate the excellence of the city in cold climate. In spite of the fact that the atmosphere tumbles around evening’s days are not amazingly cool and one can joyfully appreciate touring.

How to Reach Bikaner

How to reach bikaner by Road Buses for Bikaner is available from almost all major cities.

How to reach bikaner by Train Bikaner Junction and Lalgarh Railway Station are nearest to the Bikaner. It is 6 kms far from Bikaner.

How to reach bikaner by Air The nearest airport to Bikaner is Jodhpur which is 250 kms far from Bikaner.

Bikaner Map

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