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Begusarai town is the regulatory base camp of Begusarai area, which is one of the thirty-eight locale of Bihar state, India. The area lies on the northern bank of stream Ganga. It is situated at Latitudes 25.15N and 25.45N and longitudes 85.45E and 86.36E. It was built up in 1870 as a subdivision of Munger District In 1972.

Begusarai had customarily been a socialist fortification and was once alluded to as the "Leningrad of Bihar" It was built up in 1870 as of Munger District. In 1972, it was given region status. Simaria town is the origin of well known Hindi writer Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. Anyway the vast majority know Munger as his origination as Begusarai was the piece of Munger amid his introduction to the world and quite a bit of his lifetime. Begusarai is the piece of memorable Mithila area.

Begusarai involves a focal position in North Bihar. In 1870 it was built up as a sub-divison of the Munger region. It rose as an area in 1972. It was named after "Begu" a man of this locale who used to take care of "Sarai" an old and little market.

Tourism in Begusarai

Tourist Places In and around Begusarai Begusarai tourism is promising places of its own interest, which can be effectively delighted in Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary and the real attraction of Begusarai of Naua Garh tourism industry. Before the late spring is set, the best months to go to the city are from October to March.

Begusarai – The Queen's Retreat The starting point of the city is clearly that the name is derived from a mixture of “Begum” which means queen "sarai", which means "inn." The beginning of Bhagalpur is that the general population of "Simaria Ghat" Overtime this place began to be identified as Queen’s Retreat which means Begusarai.

A Little More About Begusarai Begusarai was the initial part of the Munger area and bundle and it had its own special appearance. Begusarai Incredible Hindi Artist is pleased with the birthplace of national poet Ramdhari Singh and reputed historian expert Professor Ram Saran Sharma. A striking element of Begusarai is that this city is traditionally a socialist fort and it was first known as "Leningrad of Bihar".

An Insight into Begusarai Tourism

Places to Visit in Begusarai

Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary A typical atmosphere is filled with intimate birds, this innovative refuge has common access to Kanwar Lake, which is Asia's largest freshwater lake. Local Birds and other rare and unique birds species move here between harsh winters. Kanwar Lake is in a special Oxbow origination. This was shaped due to redirection of one of the real tributaries of Ganges river, winding river Gandak. Oriental white vulture, Kestrel, crane, spot eagle, long billed vulture and so on can be seen here. Lately in recent time, synthetic materials and pollution have diminished the environment of water and lake. Poachers, trappers, and commercial land bargain has put an incredible threat on the life of species.

Begusarai Museum Built in 1981, there are physical affirmations in the historic center of this administration which see the rich social history of Begusarai. Stone sculptures of Lord Buddha, Lord Ganesha, Sun God and Lord Vishnu can be seen here. Coins from the time of Pal's rule, love the Maurya Rules Gallery as much as possible of the British era in India. Various attractions include manuscripts, terracotta and pottery specimens. Workmanship items are collected around the city, through the centuries.

Naulakha Temple Located in the city's core, this old-aged Temple is decorated with outstanding works of art and carving on its walls. The word "Naulakha" means "Nine Lakhs" in English. This is the excessive cost of construction of the Temple. It is believed that in the Temple, Mahant Deer Das had worked in the seventeenth century. In the year 1952, Mahath Mahavir Das tried to undertake ventures to restore and improve the Temple. Divinity is decorated with shiny gems and head gears, and equipped with fine clothes. Many devotees comes in search of approval and appeal to God for their fate and long life here.

Jaimangal Garh Temple This historical site is located in Manjhul city. Jamangal Garh Mandir is a delightful heritage and architectural location and it is known as Shakti Peeth. Goddess is known for fulfilling any desire that the enthusiasts urge for her. There is a place with the Pali period in the temple and also the symbol of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that the mechanism was practiced black magic several times in the past. Kanwar Lake is other than the Temple Complex. Buddhist importance was additionally found among archaeological works. Similarly, there is a major commercial center in the city and it is an important place for business and education.

How to reach Begusarai

How to reach Begusarai by Air: Jaya Prakash Narayan International Airport is the nearby airport situated in Patna, which is about 120 km from Begusarai. Private bus services and car rental or taxi services are available from Patna to Begusarai in Bihar state so that you can achieve your destination easily.

How to reach Begusarai by Train : Begusarai junction is located on the Barauni-Katihar section of the Eastern Central Railway of Bihar State. Barauni railway station is the main railway head and is located approximately 15 km from the district headquarters. Hathidah Railway Station is the second major railway station in Begusarai and is located approximately 20 km from the district headquarters. Thus, Begusarai avails rail connectivity and is well connected to other parts of the country through the railways.

How to reach Begusarai by Road : Begusarai road is well connected to all Indian cities. Apart from being the Major Railway Head, Barauni is connected by Rajendra Bridge to the southern part of Bihar which works both road and rail. NH 28 and NH 31 through this district cross over two major national highways and meet zero miles, which are also called Dinkar Chowk. Bihar State Road Transport Corporation offers bus services in Begusarai for long distance locations. Apart from this, many private bus service providers also provide private buses to the cities within and outside the state of Jharkhand and West Bengal. The nearest bus stop is located in the heart of Begusarai, which can only be reached after a distance of 1.2 km. BSRTC buses take you regularly from Begusarai.

Best time to visit Begusarai

General temperature changes in Begusarai. Thinking of humility, the temperature feels warmer for approximately half of the year and is usually decent with fewer shots of rain. In the 54th percentile for attractive climate, the area is somewhat lighter - unlike traveler goals around the world. If you are searching for the hottest time to go to Begusarai, then the fastest months are May, June and later in April. See the general month for the month's temperature. The hottest weather usually occurs at the beginning of June, where during the evening the temperature remains at 99.1 degrees Fahrenheit (37.6 degrees Celsius) with a temperature below 84.1 degrees Fahrenheit (28.9 degrees Celsius).

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