Bathinda city - is considered to be one of the oldest cities in the state of Punjab, India. Bathinda in itself has a strong historical importance. Usually, Punjab is a region in India which lies in the northern part of India. Bathinda comes under one of the largest cities of Punjab. Earlier before independence Bathinda used to be known by the name Bikramgarh. Majority population in Bathinda are of Sikhs and most commonly spoken language in Bathinda district of Punjab is Punjabi. Over the past few years Bathinda has gained a lot of popularity and great political importance.

There are some popular tourist destinations in Bathinda to visit like Damdama Sahib and the largest Rose Garden. Bathinda is one of the largest cultivators for Food Grains in Punjab. Since Bathinda is one of the largest cultivators in Punjab due to which many people in Bathinda are in the illegal farming practises. Excessive use of pesticides and chemicals in farming practises is leading to major health issues for the people over there. Bathinda city is connected well by major modes of transport like By Road, By Train, By Air. Popular Punjabi artist like Amrit Maan, Harbhajan Maan is from Bathinda only.

How To Reach Bathinda

By Road - In order to reach Bathinda By Road there are direct modes of buses available from Punjab bus stand. You can try that in case you want to go By Road.

By Train - Direct trains are available from Delhi to Bathinda that passes via Patiala, Hisar an d Ambala.

By Air - Well you can't take a direct flight to Bathinda Airport as there is no airport in Bathinda. The nearby airport in Bathinda are either of Chandigarh and Amritsar. From there you can take direct taxi or car according to your need.

Places To Visit In Bathinda

1. Sri Damdama Sahib - One of the most commonly visited and highly visited tourist attractions in Bathinda. All year around many tourists come at Sri Damdama Sahib.

2. Qila Mubarak - This place in Bathinda has great historical importance. The fort Qila Mubarak is estimated to be built during the rule of Kushanas.

3. Chetan Park - Chetan park is again comes under the best attractions of Bathinda. A very well known and commonly visited place in Bathinda.

4. Rose Garden - Rose Garden is considered to be one of the largest Rose Gardens in Bathinda. Make sure to check this out place if you are visiting Bathinda for the very first time in your life.

5. Dhobi Bazaar - Interesting place to visit in Bathinda. It's basically a market hub in Bathinda.

6. Bir Talab Zoo - A Small zoo in Bathinda. This zoo is highly fenced for protection of normal public. Must visit place in Bathinda.

Bathinda Map

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