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Ashwin Krishna Pratipada to Amavasya, 15 days are known as Pitripaksha (Pitru = Father). During these 15 days individuals offer water to their predecessors (ancestors) and perform Parvana Shraddha on their passing date. After the demise of family, father and mother and so on the karma which is performed to pay praise to their satisfaction is called Pitru Shraddha. Shraddhaan Idan Shraddham (which is performed as for Shraddha, it is Shraddha.) For the motivation behind the Phantom and Pitra, the commitment that is offered to the spirit for the satisfaction of their spirit is Shraddha.

In Hinduism, administration to guardians is viewed as the best revere. In this manner, in Hindu sacred texts, the child's basic has been viewed as the salvation of dads. Individuals ought not overlook the birth guardians after death, so extraordinary enactment has been advised to play out their Shraddha. The sixteen days from Bhadrapada Purnima to Ashwin Krishnapaksha Amavasya are called Pitrupaksha in which we serve our progenitors.

Best Place to Ancestor prayer:


Shraddh can be performed anyplace on the Pitru Paksha, yet by offering it on the Narayani Shila of Dharmanagari Haridwar, progenitors get salvation. This is additionally referenced in the Puranas. There is a faith in Hindu society that Pitru goes ahead earth for 16 days in Pitrupaksha (14 Sep 2019 to 30 Sep 2019). In this manner, in nowadays individuals ought not do any such demonstration, which will pester the predecessors. Acharya Pandit Manoj Kumar Shastri, the central minister of the old Narayani Shila sanctuary built up in Devpura, Mayapur, Haridwar, said that by performing ceremonies for the progenitors on Narayani Shila in the Shraddha Paksha, they get salvation. This is the conviction of Narayani Shila. Once Gayasur came to Badaridham (Badrinath) to meet Narayan, yet the entryway of the Dham was shut. At this, Gayasur began conveying Kamalasan of Lord Narayana kept there. Shrinarayan showed up on this and asked Kamalasan to keep him there. Simultaneously, Gayasur tested Srinarayan to fight. At the point when Srinarayan hit the mace, Gayasur put Kamlasan ahead. Because of this, a piece of Kamlasan broke and fell there, which is today known as Brahma Kapala in Badaridham (Badrinath). Its second piece separated in Haridwar and the third one fell into Gaya. With this, these three spots are viewed as hallowed. Srinarayan said that whoever gives up to these three spots for the freedom want will get freedom.


Again and again sprinkled by the cool waters of Alakananda stream, Brahma Kapal Ghat is situated in Badrinath Dham in the Himalayan territory of Uttarakhand in India. It is prominently visited by the pioneers particularly for playing out the Shraddha Karma of their precursors.

The Skanda Purana expresses that performing Shraddha service in Badrinath Dham is multiple times superior to playing out the Shraddha Karma in the Gaya. Lovers perform Shraddha for their predecessors at Brahma Kapal Ghat in Badrinath. This Brahma Kapal Ghat is arranged on banks of the sacrosanct waterway Alakananda 200 to 300 meters roughly on the left-hand side of Lord Badrinath for example situated towards the north of Badrinath Dham. This spot is effectively available by walk and fans can generally perform Shraddha for their precursors at this spot.

This spot which is set apart by a couple of stones is celebrated everywhere throughout the universe. The dark stone seen here is the remainder of the head of Lord Brahma. How the Brahma Kapal Ghat ended up acclaimed is depicted as pursues – Master Shiva says to Skanda, "This Badrinath Dham has been a position of flawlessness since the start of the universe. Much the same as The Vedas and Lord Hari are unceasing; this blessed Dham is interminable and has been the living arrangement of incredible sages like Narada and other extraordinary sages. Toward the start of the Satya Yuga, when Lord Brahma got charmed by the wonderful type of his girl Sarasvati. Seeing this, Lord Shiva blew up and he crushed the fifth head of Lord Brahma.


With regards to Shraddha Karma, the name of Gaya in Bihar is taken with extraordinary noticeable quality and regard. Gaya is acclaimed for shraddha tarpan two places all over India and not just in the entire world. Those two spots are Bodh Gaya and Vishnupad Temple. Vishnupad Temple is where the feet of Lord Vishnu are accepted to be available, to which individuals originate from each edge of the nation to adore. The second most unmistakable spot in Gaya for which individuals originate from distant locations abroad is a stream, its name is "Phalgu River". It is accepted that Maryada Purushottam Lord Rama himself gave the body of his dad King Dasaratha at this spot. From that point forward, it is accepted that in the event that somebody results in these present circumstances place and gives a body for their progenitors, at that point their precursors will be happy with it and that individual will be lowered by their predecessors. This spot was named 'Gaya' on the grounds that Lord Vishnu murdered the Asura Gaiasura here on earth. From that point forward the name of this spot comes in the significant journey focuses of India and "Gaya ji" is spoken with incredible adoration and regard.

Why should we do ancestor prayer:

There are numerous explanations behind Pitra dosha. Because of unexpected passing of somebody in the family, offending the decent ones and so on., guardians don't perform legitimate customs and shraadh after death, not performing yearly shraadh for them and so on is. Accordingly, family agitation, family development impediment, inadvertent sickness, emergency, absence of cash, absence of all joy, thoughtless disappointment and so on can cause Pitra dosha. In the event that a relative has passed on rashly, at that point as per the old style technique for the aversion of Pitra Dosha, complete Shraddha at a blessed spot of journey for his self harmony. Try not to affront your folks and different older folks. Consistently in the Pitrupaksha, Shraddha of your progenitors must be performed. On the off chance that you don't dispose of Pitra dosha subsequent to playing out every one of these activities, at that point in such a circumstance, get a well-qualified researcher Brahmin to portray the account of Shrimad Bhagavat Purana. Coincidentally, the account of Srimad Bhagavat Purana can be made by any committed man for the regular tranquility of his predecessors. This prompts uncommon wanted outcomes.

Best Time & month for Ancestor prayer & Type of Ancestor prayer

In the Matsya Purana, three kinds of Shraddha are referenced. As indicated by the Trividham Shraddha Muchite, three sorts of Shraddha have been portrayed in the Matsya Purana, which are called Nitya, Naimittik and Kamya Shraddha.

There are five sorts of Shraddhas portrayed in Yamasamriti. The individuals who are Shraddha for the sake of Nitya, Naimittik, Kamya, Vriddhi and Parvana.

Nitya Shraddha - Every day of Shraddha is known as Nitya Shradh. Vishwadeva isn't built up in this Shraddha. In this shraddha, just this water can be performed with water.

Naimittik Shraddh - Shraddh performed by making somebody an instrument is called Naimitik Shraddh. It is otherwise called Ekodishta. Ekodashishta implies shraadh performed based on any one, for example, Dashah, Ekadshah, and so on., under the Ekodashishta Shradh, when somebody bites the dust. Indeed, even in this world the divine beings are not set up.

Kamya Shraadh - For the satisfaction of any longing, the Shradh is performed. He goes under the Kamya Shraddha.

Vriddhi Shraadh - In any sort of development like child's introduction to the world, Vastu passage, Vivahadi, in each manglic setting, the shradh which is accomplished for the bliss of dads is called Vriddhi Shraadh. It is otherwise called Nandishraddh or Nandimukhrashradh, it is a kind of karma. Dev-sage-pitra tarpan is additionally performed in day by day life.

Parvana Shraddh - Parvana is identified with Shraddha celebration. The Shraadh performed on any celebration like Pitrupaksha, Amavasya or the date of the celebration and so forth is called Parvana Shraddha. This Shraddha is around the world.

Sapindanashradh - The word sapindana means blending bodies. The way toward taking it in the manes is the concealment. Meeting of apparition bodies is done in the genealogical bodies. This is called Sapindanasradha.

Gosthi Shraddh - The word Gosthi means gathering. The shraadh is performed either on the whole or in gatherings. It is known as the Gosthi Shradh.

Shuddhayarthrashadh - Shraddha for filtration. It is called Shuddhayarthshradh. For instance, a Brahmin ought to be eaten for sanitization.

Karmagashraddha - Karmagaka is a piece of the clear importance of karma, that is, as a piece of any significant karma, the shradh is performed. He is called Karmagrashadra.

Yatraarth Shraadh - Shraddha performed with the end goal of Yatra is called Yatraarth Shraadh. For instance, to go to the journey or to go long, the shradh which ought to be performed is the journey. It is likewise called Ghritasradh.

Putrishthrashradh- For the affirmation that the Shraadh is performed, for example, Shraddha performed for physical and money related advancement is called Pushyadharshradh.

As per Dharmasindhu, 79 events of Shraddha have been told. Amavasyaas of one year '(12) Punadithithi (4),' Manwadi Tithis (14) Sankrantis (12) Validriti Yoga (12), Vyatipati Yoga (12) Pitripaksha (15), Ashtakashraddha (5) Anvashtaka (5) and Puravedu: (5) Altogether, these nine events of Shraddh are gotten. 'There is a law of different pita-karma for the fulfillment of the dads.

Benefit from ancestor Prayer

Pitra Dosh is one of the most confused ideas of Vedic soothsaying; the same number of stargazers portray it as the scourge of predecessors and in like manner they recommend solutions for assuage and please the progenitors, so such precursors may reclaim their revile. Thus, these crystal gazers prescribe their customers to get Pitra Dosh nivaran pooja performed at spots like Haridwar, Badrinath Dham, Gaya Ji or Trayambkeshwar sanctuary so as to amend Pitra Dosh present in their horoscopes. These crystal gazers recommend that Shraadh karmas, poojas and foundations ought to be performed at these puts in request to appease the precursors.

Anyway such cures are not liable to profit the locals experiencing Pitra Dosh as Pitra Dosh isn't the scourge of the precursors however the progenitors of the local having this deformity in his horoscope are themselves reviled. It implies that the predecessors of one such local have submitted awful karmas and the local needs to pay for them. Consequently the solutions for this deformity; like Pitra Dosh nivaran pooja ought not be performed with the objective of satisfying the precursors, they ought to be performed with the objective of diminishing the predecessors of their karmic obligations so the local may likewise feel soothed.


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