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Ambedkar Park, which is located in the state capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. Which cost about 100 crores to build. This work has been done by red stones, it is a place in Lucknow that people see from far away. This park was created by Ms Mayawati, president of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). It has been built in memory of the honorable late Kashiram ji. Hundreds of red stones are used to made it. The floor has been constructed with white stones in the ground. It has a place to plant trees and also a statue of Kashiram ji and Mayawati ji has been installed. Some people believe that this park has also been invested more than money which is the wrong use of money and some people believe that it is a very beautiful thing, that there are four moons in the city's envy.

History of Ambedkar Park

If there is any history behind it, then it is so much interesting that it was made in honor of the Late Kashiram ji. It was built in 2008. Kashiram was the President of the Bahujan Samaj Party and the Messiah of the Dalits. Who used to lead the whole party before sister Jai Mayawati. Things are the days when Mayawati used to teach her law to teach at a school. He was also preparing for the IAS. One day Mayawati made a speech in her university which was quite inviting, in which Kashiram ji came in the form of chief guest. Kashiram ji was impressed with his speech. They thought that Mayawati has all the features that can take her party forward. Then he went to Mayawati's house one day. And told them that I want to reach you on the high level that the IAS should go back and forth to you instead of walking behind you people. Mayawati was greatly impressed and joined with the BSP. Kashiram's right hand had become Mayawati and one day Kaziram ji declared Mayawati as her successor. Mayawati considered Kashiram ji a lot. Therefore, after his death, he wanted that he never forgot the whole of India Kashiram, due to which he built this park, in which Kashiram ji built a large memorial.

The cornerstone of the monument was first kept in 1995. Before that the name of the park was Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar garden. In 2007, the park was renovated and further developed. It was initially opened for Mayawati on May 14, 2008. The entire monument was brought from Rajasthan. This park is built using red sandstone. This is the largest planned residential colony situated in posh area of Gomti Nagar in India. The estimated cost of the monument is 7 billion Indian currency. Later in 2012, its name was changed from Ambedkar Park to Bhimrao Ambedkar Memorial. The memorial has been included in the lawful clash since 2009. In June 2009, the Supreme Court continued the stay on the project and against the building till the public interest litigation (PIL) was settled by raising questions on these expenses. In December 2010, despite rejecting the maintenance cost, the Uttar Pradesh government got permission to maintain and complete the park. But the lawsuit is still going on since 2015

How to Reach Ambedkar Park

Ambedkar Park or Ambedkar Udyan is just 5km awar from Lucknow Railway Station. You can take local auto-rickshaw to reach Ambedkar Park for the easiest mean.

Time to visit Ambedkar Park

11 am – 9 pm

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Events in Ambedkar Park

Film shoot

The Bollywood movie Youngistan, (In 2014), Actor Jackie Bhagnani and Neha Sharma shot in Ambedkar Memorial Park and were amazed at their huge level. After the permission for shooting outside the memorial in March 2014, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra shot Rangramali song Dutt-e-Ishq. In November 2015, Ravi Kishan shot for Bhojpuri film at Ambedkar Memorial Park. In February 2016, Mika Singh and Urvashi Rautela shot for their new music video, which was called Lal Dupatta Kurta Chicken, which was outside the memorial.

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