Rup Nagar is a district in the state of Punjab, India. Rupnagar has been a district in Punjab that has been considered to be one of the oldest civilisations of India. Rupnagar is a place that has been of great historical importance. As beautiful as the name of the place the beautiful is this place. Rupnagar plays a great importance to Sikhs of Punjab. The town Rupnagar formerly used to be known by the name of Ropar or Rupar also.

Rupnagar the district in Punjab is 42 kilometers from Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab. The major district in Rup Nagar are Morinda and Nangal. Climate of this place is usually the same as the climate of other states in North India. But in winter the lowest temperature can fall to a minimum of 4 Celcius. Otherwise the temperature and climate is mostly the same with other north Indian States.

How To Reach Rupnagar

There are 3 ways that we have provided in order to reach Rupnagar. All of them are listed below and you can pick any one according to your need.

By Road - If you are travelling by road in order to reach rupnagar then you can take a direct bus from Chandigarh city or you can take bus from New Delhi ( incase if you are travelling from New Delhi ) for directly to Chandigarh city. The bus will take you directly to Rupnagar.

By Flight - In order to reach Rupnagar by air then take a direct flight from New Delhi to Chandigarh city. From Chandigarh you can pick bus, cab or taxi according to your requirement for Rupnagar.

By Train - By train also there is an option in order to reach Rupnagar. Train is available directly from New Delhi railway station to Rupnagar.

Rupnagar Map

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