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Earlier it was written as Hissar, it is a city dependent on Harappan culture in the area of Haryana. Named after the name Hissar, the Great Turkish Ruler, the district founded by Firoz Shah Tughlaq. It is said that Hisar is associated with the ancient Vedic clans. Today this principle of India is the cotton industry. A standout among the most prestigious Educational Foundation, Hissar Agricultural Institute is located here. It was also recognized as Hissar-e-Firoza which means the fort of Firoz. Hissar city is situated around 162 km. from Delhi, the capital city of India.

Tourism in Hisar

Firoz Shah's palace and the fort built by him are an amazing place to visit. Inside an imperial residence there is an underground chamber and there is also a mosque inside a palace. Harappa is the site of human civilization near the mosque. The palace has its own excellence and beautyl. The Lat Ki Masjid is a remarkable structure to talk to Suljuk style, although the style of the structure is taken from the Hindu culture. Its novel style of Lithic Column and Square Chamber does not make it like alternative mosques. Masjid is an L-Shaped Mosque which is one of the rare place to visit.

Humayun's mosque was also one of the best thing that the ruler built, which is very peaceful and charming destination to visit. A bright royal residence with a contact of Mughlai where Jahaz Kothi is another interesting place to visit. Jahaz Sahib was the Irish ruler who had asked the Mughal Rulers to build a palace for him. Gujri Mahal is a Palace, made of stone and it is ruined, although its raised platform for the parties is still in good form. There is Jain pillar just outside the fort which is about 2 feet. In stature with the most well-liked precious stone mold image. Very sacred destination for the Jains.

Some ruins of the Harappan civilization present in the form of three hills in Banavali, Kunal and Agroha are still present. All three locations show some or more important definite certainties of the Harappan civilization. Banavali shows the remains of an old township. Three phases of improvement in human progress can be seen in Kunal and highlight the revelation of in the third century. The tomb of the Great Sufi holy person Pranpir Badshah is located inside the Government College of Hisar, besides a visitor's site.

An Insight into Hisar Tourism

Places to visit in Hisar

Asirgarh Fort The Asigarh Fort, which is also known as Hansi Fort, one of the most chosen destination to visit. Locally it is otherwise called the fort of Prithviraj Chauhan. It is believed as the the Fort is built by Harsh Vardhan and also reminiscent of the coins of even earlier eras. The present day fort is built by using materials from the old fort. The reconstruction of fort was done by Prithviraj Chauhan in the twelfth century and later the British caught on stage. The fort was underwent by the British Authority George Thomas in the eighteenth century. The fortress is a level roofed structure which is built on long pillars and there is a mosque in which the work was done after the defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan. George Thomas additionally included a huge door in the form of a block for the fort, while it was being reconstructed.

Lohari Ragho Lohari Ragho is a site of Harappa civilization and is located on the banks of the city. It is said that the site is called three hills from pre-Harappan human civilization. Similarly, Traces was also found here by the Harappan civilization. Wheels made from Harappan ceramic, such as globular jars, bowls, vases and red products, were found here in additional form. Some different materials were called to go back to the early rig Vedic era, and as a result this place has become an important site for safety and humanity can also consider the underlying period of settlements. There are some religious places in such a place that date back to various times in history.

Barsi Gate Upright tall with a height of 30 meters, Barisi Gate is an important piece of area. The door is carved in addition to that which has given a lot of information about the structure going back to Prithviraj Chauhan in 1303 AD. It has now been filled as a passage in the adjacent city of Hansi for more than 850 years. The entrance was previously acted as the protection of Hansi Fort. Sultan Alaud-din constructed it and in the year 1522 AD reconstruction takes places during Ibrahim Lodhi's rule, the gateway is a good example of the Sultan style.

Dargah Char Qutab Being the last resting place of four compulsory Sufi saints, Dargah Char Qutab is a tomb complex. Dargah is dedicated to Jamal-ud-Din Hansi, Noor-ud-Din, Burhan-ud-Din and Qutb-ud-Din Manuvar. These four celebrated Sufi saints are called "Qutubas" and the burnt is the Hindi interpretation for the four numbers, the most amazingly extensive mosque, which was used by Feroz Shah Tughlaq around the site. As a conviction, it is said that the site was developed on the basis that a Sufi saint was known as Baba Farid and pray here.

Rakhigarhi While rewriting the history included in the land for each of these years, Rakhigarhi is an ancient site which is about 5000 years old. The largest site of Indus-Saraswati human civilization is found here. This site is bigger than Mohen-Jo-daro and other Harappan sites. It is believed to be situated on dry beds of Saraswati River which is considered evaporated in 2000 BC. The earliest settlements of mankind are accepted here to start in the basins of the Ghaggar stream and finally developed and transferred to the Indus Valley.

Best Time to visit Hisar

The best time to visit Hisar is from the beginning of winter i.e. October to the end of March. During this period, the climate remain pleasant and visitors can not get bored during the sightseeing of nearby places.

How to Reach Hisar

How to Reach Hisar by Train: The regular trains run from major cities of Punjab to Hisar and other destinations like New Delhi Railway station via Rohatk-Bhiwani.

How to Reach Hisar by Roadway: To reach Hisar from New Delhi, the total distance is 170 KM and the Bus are on the regularly run from Delhi to Hisar. The road connectivity from Delhi to Hisar is national highway no. 9.

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